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  • You can browse through all of the pages on the nerd.nu wiki by going to All Pages.
  • The nerd.nu wiki contains 1,185 articles, written by our 35,980 users, garnering a total of 18,804,590 views! Thank you to everyone who has made this feat possible!
  • We made our first steps into the online world of Minecraft on June 10, 2009. At eight years and counting, nerd.nu remains one of the oldest Minecraft servers still in operation.
  • In the first day after the release of Beta 1.8 (The Adventure Update), nerd.nu saw nearly 3,500 unique visitors.
  • Although the Chaos server is now officially retired, from time to time the server is revived as a special event or testing grounds for new plugins or version updates. Keep your eye out for updates on the subreddit/twitter!
  • Creative's Revision 24 holds the record for longest revision length to-date, at a whopping 6 months and 30 days!
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