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Many games and servers offer things like paid loot boxes to give the player buying them an advantage over everyone else. Some allow special ranks, privileges, or even staff positions to be purchased as well. Though our servers and gamemodes may have changed over the years, the core idea of Nerd.nu has not: that all players should be treated fairly and equally. Anyone can join our servers for the first time, without giving us a cent, and have the same experience as someone who’s been around for years and donated hundreds of dollars.

The hardware our servers run on does cost money, so once a year we hold a fundraiser to help pay for the next year’s costs. Every penny donated goes directly to running the servers you play on. If you are able to contribute, and believe that we have earned it, we greatly appreciate any amount you give. If you are not able to contribute, don’t worry about it! Just have fun at the event.

General Info

We are again trying something different than the typical CTF event. We’ll be looking for your feedback after the event is over.

  • The fundraiser will run August 3rd to August 5th, 2018 on e.nerd.nu.
  • The server will be on 1.12.2.
  • As always, all other servers will be closed during the fundraiser.
  • The fundraiser will start around 8pm EDT on Friday and end 10pm Sunday evening.
  • The other servers will open back up around 11am Sunday morning.
  • We have a custom resource pack for the event. You can download it here if you’d like to have it ahead of time.

The Wild West

A once vibrant gold rush town has fallen on hard times. The oppressive climate and hostile wildlife has driven it’s inhabitants away. Hearing rumors the land is still flush with gold you set off to claim some of it for yourself. After all, it couldn’t be that hard to survive out there, could it?

In this Western themed fundraiser, you and your friends are trying to revitalize an abandoned gold rush town. A crazy old man owns the whole town, and in exchange for NerdCoins™ and other items he will restore and upgrade the buildings. Each upgrade will give different benefits to everyone when unlocked.

Download resource packs in advance here:

Link Size Description
fundraiser2018-full.zip The full experience including music and records. 85 MB
fundraiser2018-nomusic.zip Smallest pack including just the textures. 0.6 MB
fundraiser2018-records.zip Textures and modified music for records. 42 MB
fundraiser2018-streamerfriendly.zip A streamer friendly audio version of the pack. 88 MB

Map Info

  • The map is 2800x2800.
  • Nether and end portals and dimensions are disabled.
  • The area around spawn is protected, and hostile mobs will not spawn there.
  • Animal mobs will not spawn naturally.
  • Hostile mobs get tougher the farther you are from spawn.
  • There is a lot of gold in the ground. Other ores are generally vanilla.
  • Enchantment tables have been disabled. Enchanted gear can be bought from villagers.
  • There will be no protections granted for builds outside the spawn area, but you may request a chest region.


  • Rebuild the town! Each building unlocked and upgraded will provide different benefits to all players.
  • Conquer the dungeons! Hidden around the map are 15 dungeons, each containing various types of challenges. Can you find and claim the reward from each one?
  • Get your gold! Gold mined from the ground can be exchanged for NerdCoins™ to purchase various items from villagers.

Hostile Mobs

  • Mobs stats scale the further they are from spawn.
  • Mob health will be displayed above their head, so you can see what you’re getting into.
  • The color of the mob’s health will let you know what difficulty zone you’re in.
  • XP and drops will increase the further out you go.
  • Mobs drop NerdCoins™.
  • Mobs might have special attacks. Be careful!


  • Scattered throughout the map are the entrances to 15 dungeons.
  • Each dungeon has a unique challenge to overcome. There are mazes, scavenger hunts, riddles, parkour, and more.
  • To enter a dungeon you will have to have an empty inventory. There are ender chests by each entrance.
  • Complete the challenge inside each dungeon to win NerdCoins™!
  • Certain villagers will sell maps as hints to the location of each dungeon.


The hotel is in place with rooms ready to be claimed when the event starts. Run "/nerdplot claim" in a room to claim it. You may modreq to have your name added to the sign.

The first building that needs to be unlocked is the Bank. Opening the bank will allow you to exchange your hard-earned gold for NerdCoins™, which are used to unlock all the other buildings and upgrades. You can contribute to whichever building you’d like upgraded most. There will be donation chests in front of each building with signs listing the cost for the next upgrade. When the requirements for an upgrade have been met, make a modreq in front of the chest.

The buildings, costs for upgrades, and what is unlocked with each upgrade is listed in the gallery below but subject to balancing before progress has started on a given tier. The gallery will be updated if rebalancing takes place, and a notice will go out.

Check out the list of upgrade costs and unlocks.

See the map of town for the locations of buildings, or visit the concierge desk for a map in game.

Alt text
Map of town



  • All global rules apply.
  • No griefing or intentionally making the event experience worse for others. If you break something, fix it.
  • No xray.

Special Thanks

  • Cujobear came up with the original idea for a Wild West themed event.
  • Bardidley made the beautiful map everyone will be playing on.
  • Zomise did a lot with making sure the buildings were ready, and a bunch of other stuff too.
  • Pez finished and polished the dungeons, balanced the mobs, and made sure this fundraiser stayed on schedule.
  • Bermudalocket did most all of our tech heavy lifting, including writing the custom plugin for hostile mobs.
  • The following people designed the dungeons that were put into the map: fazaden, cujobear, Omega_Orion, RiverBluePanda, , piplo127128, NaughtyNootle, King_of_queso, Tuxedowl, ttsci, Weird_Grim, PPGOME, djsime1, buzzie71, QueenBombus, and Lugia_Games.
  • Various staff members built and contributed to the buildings used in town, and assisted with testing.
  • kumquatmay created the awesome resource pack for the event.
  • Defiex and ieuweh put together our fantastic hype video, and various others volunteered to be filmed.
  • Hollifer helped make the commands for custom villager trades, and made the regions for the hotel rooms and plots.


Here are some interesting statistics gathered for the August 3rd-5th event!

Friendliest neighbor (talked with villagers, never traded)

  • kumquatmay - 22 times
# Most Deaths Most Kills Most Killed Mobs Most Deadly Mob Most Gold
Ore Mined
Distance Traveled
1 buzzie71
197 deaths
686 kills
1878 killed
909 kills
1996 mined
21617945 cm
2 Wozdaka
181 deaths
683 kills
1786 killed
347 kills
1320 mined
18382363 cm
3 assasymphoni
172 deaths
568 kills"
1699 killed"
339 kills
16187643 cm
4 trumpet44
167 deaths
530 kills
1502 killed
257 kills"
1096 mined
13565407 cm
5 Azumarill
155 deaths
457 kills
1180 killed
123 kills
849 mined"
13147259 cm
6 cujobear
152 deaths
448 kills
569 killed"
102 kills"
829 mined
12962177 cm
7 Blazesanddust
133 deaths
445 kills"
379 killed
55 kills"
755 mined"
12951628 cm
8 admanta
114 deaths
385 kills"
327 killed"
43 kills
659 mined"
12207310 cm
9 MasterCommaThe
94 deaths
322 kills
174 killed
38 kills
568 mined
11511781 cm
10 Catnipped
87 deaths
313 kills
157 killed
29 kills
542 mined
11133508 cm
Total Deaths
Total Kills
n/a n/a Total Gold
Ore Mined
Total Distance
494179036 cm


Dungeon Attempts

Individual Players

# Most Attempts
at Dungeons
1 trumpet: 124
2 Azumarill: 96
3 Aad_: 64
4 buzzie71: 62
5 assasymphon: 59
6 promaxxe: 48
7 tompreuss: 47
8 cujobear: 46
9 _CrispyWaffle_: 45
10 Blazesanddust: 45

All Players

  • Dungeon attempts (times entered): 1363
  • Total Players attempting dungeons: 71
Attempts Dungeon Coordinates
349 dungeon 1 46, 63, -985
211 dungeon 5 746, 56, -481
156 dungeon 14 -1332, 137, -41
127 dungeon 14 -1128, 47, -1043
62 dungeon 6 -155, 88, -564
54 dungeon 10 -513, 28, -228
50 dungeon 4 334, 184, 460
48 dungeon 3 -875, 44, 402
48 dungeon 9 -796, 65, -671
46 dungeon 8 -350, 64, 557
44 dungeon 11 -881, 117, 1159
43 dungeon 13 991, 61, 901
43 dungeon 15 163, 32, 1229
42 dungeon 7 1328, 213, -1319
40 dungeon 12 802, 60, 48

Dungeon Completions

Individual Players

# Dungeon Completions
1 King_of_queso: 15
2 tompreuss: 15
3 Azumarill: 15
4 assasymphoni: 13
5 trumpet44: 12
6 piplo127128: 12
7 pez252: 12
8 iNerd71: 12
9 cujobear: 12
10 buzzie71: 10

All Players

  • Dungeon attempts (times entered): 1363
  • Total Players attempting dungeons: 71
Attempts Dungeon Coordinates
33 dungeon 6 -153, 9, -550
30 dungeon 1 43, 7, -987
29 dungeon 8 -348, 28, -567
28 dungeon 11 -881, 15, 1171
28 dungeon 12 818, 18, 91
27 dungeon 5 746, 2, -483
25 dungeon 9 -783, 7, -668
19 dungeon 13 951, 47, 882
19 dungeon 15 145, 18, 1140
19 dungeon 2 114, 62, 509
16 dungeon 7 113, 162, -1380
12 dungeon 3 -865, 9, 418
14 dungeon 10 -534, 18, -207
9 dungeon 4 299, 10, 455
7 dungeon 14 -1325, 6, -42
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