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King of the Hill
Game Mode KOTH
Map author buzzie71
Version 1.0 (yes?)
Launch date Sept. 2, 2016
Kit weapons 1x Unbreaking 3 Iron Sword, 1x Infinity/Unbreaking 3 Bow
Kit potions 2x Healing II "Portable Health Kit"
Kit shield None
Misc. kit items 1x Arrow "Ammo", 64x Steak "Standard Issue Food Rations"
Next map unknown
Previous map unknown
"The war has brought you to this ancient site. Take control of it before the other team does."
Artifact objective blurb

Artifact is a KOTH map launched with the Minigames server.


Map Layout



  • Originally, the map was envisioned to depict a possible battle fought between Akro and Megatown in their war, as mentioned in the Unity Origins story, which the map creator authored. Each team would have been named after one of the two towns (Akro/Megatown instead of Red Team/Blue Team), and town-colored aircraft would have been placed above the map in addition to the four team-colored pods in both teams' spawn area, to give the impression of a battleground. The additional builds were cut from the final version in favor of focusing on map design and aesthetics, and the team names were reverted to Red and Blue Team to be more intuitive for players - the only features related to this concept that remain are the blurb, the four pods at both spawns, and (invisible to players) the names of the team kits specified in the map's config file, "akro" (red team) and "megatown" (blue team).
  • The ability to shoot enemy players near the point from spawn is considered to be an unintentional feature and may be removed in the future.


  • 9.2.2016: First release on Minigames
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