Fallen Plaza

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King of the Hill
Fallen Plaza
Game Mode KOTH
Map author _Ferg
Version 1.0.0
Launch date Oct. 27, 2016
Kit weapons 1x Iron Sword, 1x Bow
Kit potions 2x Healing I
Kit shield 1x Shield
Misc. kit items 64x Dirt, 32x Oak Log, 64x Torch, 32x Arrow, 8x Spectral Arrow, 64x Pumpkin Pie, 1x Efficiency 1 Iron Pickaxe
Next map unknown
Previous map unknown
"Capture the point in this 2016 Halloween map contest winner."
Fallen Plaza objective blurb

Fallen Plaza is a KOTH map. It was chosen as one of the two winning entries of the Halloween-themed Minigames Map Making Contest (2016) and included in the official map rotation shortly afterwards.


Map Layout

The surface of the map contains a large lava lake separating two banks of obsidian, with bone block tree trunks and cobweb leaves on both ends. There are two domes on towers on both banks, each decorated with three team-colored banners on the outside. Inside the domes are four sponges marking the spawn points of the team it belongs to, and a water drop for access to the underground. At the base of the water drop are an enchanting table in front of a wall of bookshelves, two walls of iron ore concealing mineshafts and a portion of the map's underground that players can mine, and one wall of obsidian blocking the way to the center of the map and the point. Breaking the obsidian reveals quartz corridors leading to the center of the map, a large cylindrical room with a dome roof, and two staircases spiraling down to a floor with white stained glass in the center and eight holes in the outer edges. Seven of them have water flowing through them; the eighth one does not, making it the most obvious choice for getting down quickly. All holes open into the lowest floor of the map, containing water around the outside (to safely brake players who fall in) and the point in the center.


  • Unlike other KOTH maps, you must first destroy enough obsidian in your base's wall to break out of your base and reach the point. An unenchanted diamond pickaxe will take just under 10 seconds to mine a block, but requires mining for three diamond in the underground portion of the map first. The base mining time with an iron pick is about 41 seconds. See the Minecraft wiki for more information on obsidian breaking times.
  • Beware of the magma blocks scattered underground while mining.
  • The underground regions prevent tunneling into the the other team's base.
  • Your starting armor consists of leather and chainmail. Any extra iron you pick up could be smelted and crafted into better armor.
  • There is more than enough diamond in the underground to craft a diamond pick for the obsidian. Surplus diamonds can be used to make upgraded equipment such as diamond armor and swords.
  • Keep in mind that the game only lasts for 15 minutes; the time you spend in your team base mining is time lost in either capturing or defending the point.
  • Killing someone on the other team with diamond equipment and looting their remains is an equally legitimate method of obtaining diamond equipment.



  • 10.27.2016: First release on Minigames
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