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Karma Chameleon
Authority Moderator
Favorite server PvE
Joined December 2011
Left Can't get rid of me that easy...

I bought minecraft in December 2011, and instantly looked for the Reddit Servers. I started on Creative, but that lasted about an hour. I was told about the survival map, and I enjoyed it for a while, until I realized people would keep killing me while I built my house. That is when I learned about PvE. Since then, I have spent almost all my time there.

In PvE6, I helped get Agua Fria up and running, and helped lead the Agua Fria White Walkers to having the most wins in the FISA League. I was known for my diagonal line that went from Agua Fria to spawn, and for the Uber Spleef arena that was built just before the end of the revision.

In PvE7, I helped to claim land for Pico. We intended to use West portal, but switched to the secret portal #2 after someone called out the coords and didn't want it. After that, we began to terraform the desert. I switched between terraforming, and building the 1700 loop. The loop is done, Pico is established, Pico spleef is complete. Now begins work on Femto (a suburb of Pico, near the nether portal). I was modded in April 2012. I was also the 3rd PvE player to finish the 5k.

In PvE8, I joined with Deorne, and helped build the last known Deorne. I also built the wall that went most of the way around the city.

In PvE9, I moved into Lothos. I didn't involve myself with any large projects in the first half of the rev, but was made admin of PvE when Ooer resigned in September 2012. That is when I began working on the next rev...

In PvE10, I built most of the spawn castle. The other admins were responsible for the awesome terrain. Also, I helped build the Dr. Sign glowstone adventure. This is also when we started doing regular PvE Mumble meetings to get feedback from the community.

In PvE11, I hosted some minigames such as PvE Arena and Tower Wars.

In PvE12, I created the map to be used for the rev. It was generated using Terrain Control, and was tweaked with World Painter. This was the first rev that we had Glowstone as an "Ore" in the overworld. PAdmins began the tradition of doing "Admin Hunts" on PvE this rev. It was in this rev that I was selected to become a Head Admin.

In PvE13, I continued to play and do my Head Admin duties. Unfortunately, between real life and trying to handle the role of being a Head Admin at the time, I did not get to spend as much time actually playing as I wanted. This ultimately led to me stepping down from my position, leaving staff, and leaving Minecraft for a while.

In PvE14/15, I logged in a couple times to explore, but did not really contribute anything to the world.

In PvE16, I logged in near the end of the revision. I built an underwater base far from everyone else. I lived the life of a recluse for a couple weeks, before the rev ended.

In PvE17, I really began playing again. I tried to build a rail loop at 1k, but it did not seem to be utilized, due to the popularity of smart rails like CARBON. I built a large (unused) spleef arena near my house, but spent much of my time exploring the rest of the world. During this rev, I was allowed to return as a moderator (after putting in playtime to allow the community to get to know me again).

In PvE18, I tried to build by myself again, but ended up moving to Orion. I spend the rest of my time being part of their world.

In PvE19, I immediately joined up with the Orion people again. I worked on building some rails (since people seemed to be moving away from smart rails again), and built a house in their city district.

More to come...

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