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TheClefe is a friendly mayor in Rose City. He excels at transportation and being nice to people. He is terrible at building cool buildings. He began playing in June 2013 during Rev. 11 of PvE. He has played on the survival server, but starved to death and never went back.


Rose City - TheClefe settled in Rose City his first day on the server in Rev 11. He had rarely played online prior to joining He has always been a primary resident of Rose City.

Rev 11

  • Arrived in Rose City in June 2012
  • Built Rose City Harbor as his first major town project.
  • Went on to build harbors in Vinhaven and Birch Island.
  • Was named Deputy Mayor of Rose City.
  • Built Rose City's first iron grinder.
  • Was promoted to Mayor of Rose City.
  • Added several Rail connections to Rose City Station.
  • Built the Rose City Boat Race Arena, which no one used.
  • Worked to greatly expand the city near the end of Rev

Rev 12

  • Built the Rose City Highway connect Rose City to Spawn in under 24-hours.
  • Head of the Stone District, recruiting dozens of new players to Rose City.
  • Led engineer in the Rose City Road and Rail Network.
  • Built Rose City Station.
  • Helped build the SEA Spawn Rail Station.
  • Opened the Rose City Bookstore.
  • Promoted to Head Mayor of Rose City.
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