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Authority Self-Appointed CTA Air Transport Minister
Favorite server Creative
Joined 2011
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xOreoToast, known previously under different aliases- most notably "OreoToast_QW"- is a user known for nothing in particular. He contributed to marting11's MG11 Highway project in 2013, being a major contributor to the "Canada" settlement that developed around /warp northeast on Creative Revision 24.

He then disappeared for a while before coming back to build the monstrosity not known as Martingston, named in honour of the aforementioned project which inspired it.

Canada & MG11

The MG11 Highway had a number of offramp exits on it, one of which was located in the immediate vicinity of /warp northeast on Creative's Revision 24.


xOreoToast's first major project after the success of Canada along the MG11 has been the Town of Martingston, which was started and primarily developed in February 2018.

Federation of Southern Townships

xOreoToast was a founding member of the Federation of Southern Townships, an organization consisting of multiple towns located within close geographic proximity to one another on PvE's revision 22. He is the lead cartographer and maintains most of the Federation's vital infrastructure.

This article is a work in progress.

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