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Pumpkinopolis r22.jpg
Carto view of the city during Revision 22
Server PvE
Map revision 22
Coordinates -208, 1900
Mayors Tythal, TheCoachAdair
Residents generalmick, MakauAran, r00tcmdr

Pumpkinopolis: Revision 21
Server PvE
Map revision 21
Coordinates -941, -698
Started September 22, 2017
Mayors TheCoachAdair, Tythal
Residents johnnythor7, r00tcmdr, Truila

Pumpkinopolis was formed by Tythal and four IRL friends/family members, part of the Discord server "Pumpkin Prime". Pumpkinopolis ("Pops" as the kids call it) started in Revision 21.



Pumpkinopolis is known for its terracotta mountains and a giant jack-o-lantern train station. Red sand and coarse dirt are readily available. Most of the town was built in the first few weeks of revision 21. Highlights include a hobbit hole, a flower garden, and beautiful animal quarters.

Pumpkinopolis won the Bobsled Gold Medal during the PvE Olympics.

During Revision 22, the founders set out to find The Lost City of Pumpkinopolis. It was found by an adventurer called "Windy" and soon Tythal and TheCoachAdair were off to uncover the once-lost city. Several original buildings still stand, including a giant pumpkin, which now serves as a chapel in honor of the Pumpkin Prophet. Not too long after the settlement was established, Pumpkinopolis joined the Federation of Southern Townships.

Notable creations

Alt text
The Pumpkin Prophet
Alt text
One of the posters announcing the PvP tournaments in Pumpkinopolis, created by ieuweh

El Morningstar lighthouse (r21)

This lighthouse was built by TheCoachAdair and named after a Tabula Rasa's resident famously known for setting the record for most deaths in game mid-rev.

Alt text

Williams Pond suburb (r21)

The Williams Pond suburb set up a stand at the PvE Olympics (r21), featuring defiex and Barlimore.

Alt text

PvP Arena (r22)

The Pumpkinopolis PvP arena was built by MakauAran during Revision 22. Aside from its size and robust design with charming thematic decorations, it was famous for its very intricate set of traps that could be activated from a strategic control room to make the fights more interesting. It was the stage for two mayor PvP tournaments organized by ieuweh, where olav3118 was crowned as the champion.

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