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Game Mode KOTH
Map author Silversunset
Version 1.0
Launch date Sept. 2, 2016
Kit weapons unknown
Kit potions unknown
Kit shield 1x Shield
Misc. kit items unknown
Next map Helix
Previous map Upsidaisy

Roundelle is a KOTH map launched with the Minigames server.


Map Layout


  • The vertical nature of this map introduces an uneven playing field for bow combat. Take the high ground when you can, and don't yield it lightly. The point is a natural defensible high ground.
  • The path up to the point is filled with parkour jumps and/or catwalks. Be sure-footed and watch out for falls. Near the upper reaches of the map, a fall to the bottom will most likely kill you instantly.
  • Climbing the curved stone walls from the spawn point will not get you near the path to the top, but the highest accessible points are only dimly lit, making it a good place for initial arrow shooting. Surprise your opponents from here, though they will likely catch on to your true location quickly.
  • Always be on the move to reduce the chances of enemy archers above from hitting you.
  • Remember that striking an opponent while sprinting will give your hit extra knockback. Keep this in mind if you want to hit an opponent off a high place. Shields do not nullify knockback from sword hits.
  • Ladders are good opportunities to score hits on opponents. Climb with shield up and facing out from the ladder to deflect arrows if you are under attack.
  • The top level of the map (with the point) contains eight holes among the checkered floor, arranged along one axis of the map with four on each side of the point. Be careful not to fall into them. Daring archers can also use them to shoot opponents below.


  • Minimap users will see that the map shares a similar flower structure with the airborne spawn point in PvE rev 17.


  • 9.7.2016: Replaced infinite bows in player kits with a bow and 8 arrows
  • 9.7.2016: Moved spawn points away from walls
  • 9.2.2016: First release on Minigames
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