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The settlement of Arborea
Server Survival
Map revision 3

Arborea is a moderately sized settlement on the Revision 3 Survival Server, immediately north of Chronum City on the Diamond Road.


Arborea's history is innately tied with the development of Chronum, it's mother city. Chronum grew swiftly in population from the beginning of the era, and those who arrived earliest had the greatest opportunity in selection of the ample land within the protection of the city walls. Many of these early settlers claimed vast tracts of land in the city, and those who followed were left with smaller and smaller plots upon which they could build. Overpopulation forced the building of skyscrapers and apartments, and resulted in a consolidation of power among a council of prominent members of the city, leading to standardization of roads, public works, and community spaces. One of the set of developing infrastructures was the tree farm constructed north of Chronum by schererererer. This farm was designed to be accessible by the entire community, and laid the foundation of Arborea. It is in fact the tree farm that inspired the city's name. Early attempts to colonize the area were stifled by the activity of raiders; the first settlers in the region, VerboseOne and jennaberry, were forced out after attacks by the outlaw UnixSystem.

But on the other side of the wall, population soared and land grew more scarce. The impromptu government of Chronum also took upon itself to regulate the continuing territorial disputes. Tensions flared between citizens and officials as Chronum became one of the largest cities of the era. At this juncture, schererererer spearheaded the expansion of Chronum into the northern land which held the tree farm. Construction of the walls was completed after a single day of work at a breakneck pace in an effort to avoid an attack by UnixSystem. At this point, Arborea was properly named and opened for settlement. As a precondition as a suburb of Chronum, any citizen of either would only be permitted to claim land in one.

As time went on, Arborea gained residents at a steady pace. These new residents were guided through the maze of Chronum's streets through the North Gate into Arborea; those who weren't often found themselves lost in the dense metropolis. In an effort to simplify access to Arborea, a bridge was built between the west wall of the suburb and the Diamond Road. This connection would prove to be a fatal flaw in the security of a settlement without PvE status.

The population of Arborea grew to the 15 count needed to acquire PvE status, infrastructure was built, an underground section to the city was created, and citizens beautified the area with parks and innovative architecture.


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