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Chaos Server
Chaos logo.png
Current Map Revision: None

General info

Chaos was the place to go to stab and be stabbed. Build a secret base, destroy someone else's house, then be killed in revenge. If you don't like something, destroy it.

Sometime in early 2012, was taken offline due to hardware performance issues, and has not been reinstated since. [1]

Temporary chaos maps are periodically set up on the occasionally-run Event server (, coinciding with major Minecraft updates. These maps are used to test the server plugins in their updated versions as they come out, and to give players a place to play for a short time while they wait for the plugin updates to complete and the new server revisions to start. These temporary maps generally last only a matter of days, and the rules still apply as they are listed in the Chaos Rules. As of this writing, two of the temp Chaos maps have been preserved at the map download page

Map revision history

Revision Number Start Date End Date Comments
&06 2011-06-13 noonefuckingknowsbecausethewikiwasntupdated Eustis wanted to show off his anarchy symbol(Eustis here, that was actually MBoffin's handiwork)
&05 2011-04-26 2011-06-12 Moved to Arizona
&04 2011-02-18 2011-02-2X New map because darksim asked
&03 2011-02-03 2011-02-18 Reload of #1 using new hMod
&02 2011-01-16 2011-01-28 Using Bukkit
&01 2011-01-08 Terrain gen mod used
&00 First (?) version
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