Fangorn Forest

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Fangorn Forest
Fangorn Forest r8.png
The Wooded Town of Wonder
Server PvE
Map revision 8
Warp N/A
Coordinates -1800, 400
Lead OooLaLa, Vantek
Contributors Axterion, Devilb0y, GuerrillaRebel, HolyMudkip, Metarract, dcartonis, Advocatus221, HTOSpinCycle, bustermaximus
Started 2012-06-11
Completed An artist's work is never done.

Fangorn Forest, known as the Wooded Town of Wonder, is a whimsical, imaginative town consisting of interconnected houses upon the trees. It is right off of the Y70 1800 Loop between Wellspring and Angkor, located at -1800, 400. Fangorn Forest also has an embassy in the UCM on the 17th Floor of the South Tower.



To become a new resident of Fangorn Forest (and we hope you will!), /MAIL SEND OooLaLa a message letting them know and one of them will very quickly add you to the building permissions, as well as several chests.

Residents of Fangorn Forest receive:

  • Their choice of tree/build location/plot.
  • High Fives
  • Access to chests full of FREE armor, tools, weapons, food, and building supplies for new residents located in Mine Entrance.
  • Access to the Sheep/Wool Chest full of shears & multicolor wool.
  • Access to farms (sheep, spruce/pine, oak, wheat), mines, and enchanting table.
  • A private double chest in the Mine Entrance.
  • Need anything else? OooLaLa will do her best to fulfill your request.


  • OooLaLa (Mayor/Designer)
  • Vantek (Co-Mayor)
  • Axterion
  • Devilb0y
  • GuerrillaRebel
  • HolyMudkip
  • Metarract
  • dcartonis
  • Advocatus221
  • HTOSpinCycle
  • bustermaximus

Places of Interest

Notable Structures

  • Rainbow themed Fangorn Forest Station (see below)
  • Rollercoaster Rail, taking you straight from the rainbow themed train station through Fangorn Forest directly to the top of the town center, leading you straight to our Welcome Center.
  • Tiki Tower, the massive circular town center. -1901, 368
  • Welcome Center - -1901, 380 While not a structure itself, it resides within Tiki Tower, welcoming all transients, visitors, and potential new residents. It also serves as a message board for current residents. It also has three chests full of supplies, armor, tools, food, weapons, and building supplies for current residents.


  • Sheep Farm - -1922, 354 Located on the NW corner of Tiki Tower. We have numerous sheep, all dyed every color of the rainbow (with some duplicates) to ensure that all creative, imaginative ideas can be built.
  • Spruce/Pine Farm - Located underground, just inside the Mine Entrance. -1935, 392
  • Oak Farm - Located underground, just inside the Mine Entrance. -1935, 392
  • Wheat Farm - Located underground, just inside the Mine Entrance. -1935, 392
  • Melon Farm (Coming Soon)


  • To enter the mines, look for the ornate stone structure on the SW side of Tiki Tower. -1935, 392

Enchanting Table

  • Our enchanting table has home beneath a massive mushroom on the W side of Tiki Tower. -1925, 374

Rail Connections

Y70 1800 LOOP (N or S) > Fangorn Forest Station > Rollercoaster Rail > Tiki Tower/Welcome Center > Outgoing Rails > Mine Entrance > Outgoing Rails > Fangorn Forest Station

Fangorn Forest Station can be found on the Y70 1800 Loop, North & South routes between Wellspring and Angkor. It stands out as having a rainbow themed roof.

Once visitors have arrived Fangorn Forest Station, their minecart will stop for two seconds giving them the option of hitting the exit button or continuing on to their planned destination. If the button is selected, they will be redirected to our Rollercoaster Rail which will give them a quick tour of Fangorn Forest on the way to Tiki Tower. Once the rider reaches the tip top of the structure, they will ride the rollercoaster rail, spiraling all the way down the interior of Tiki Tower until they will reach our Welcome Center. Visitors then have the choice of hopping on our outgoing rails. These rails will take them to the Mine Entrance, then straight back to Fangorn Forest Station. At the station, they may make a selection on the lever as to continuing their journey north or south on the Y70 1800 Loop.

Building Rules

  • If you take ANYTHING, you MUST replace/replant.
  • Absolutely NO Cobble.
  • Stick to woods, water, glass, some stone, wool.
  • OAK & SPRUCE/PINE WOOD: Main colors to use.
  • BIRCH WOOD: Use sparingly.
  • JUNGLE WOOD: Please avoid if possible.
  • Please don't cut down any trees within the lighted city perimeter.
  • You may plant trees within the perimeter as long as they are LARGE jungle trees.
  • Have FUN! Get creative! Get crazy! and....HAVE FUN!

Open Projects

Citizens! Please help complete these projects!

  • More leaves need to be added to the top of the massive Tiki Tower tree. (Assigned to: ??)
  • Add more vines to interior of Tiki Tower to assisting with falling people. (Assigned to: ??)
  • Complete giant pineapple on top of Tiki Tower. (Assigned to: ??)
  • Dress up rollercoaster box house. Currently, they are ugly. :( (Assigned to: ??)
  • Decorate our Embassy at UMC, 17th Floor, South Tower (Assigned to: OooLaLa)