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Please read some of the paragraphs below explaining how to put content on your pages.



See the Syntax page.

Creating Creation pages

If you are going to make a page for a creation, please use the Creation template. You can insert the template by clicking the "Creation" button in the toolbar while editing the page. Please fill at least the server and map revision parameters, as doing so will allow the page to be added to the appropriate category. You can use any image for the image parameter, but set it to 225px wide (e.g. [[Image:Example.png|225px]]). Creation titles (both the page title and the title parameter in the template) should probably be in title case.

Creating User pages

For user pages, please use the User template. Use your Minecraft username as the title of your page. Your wiki user page should be used for wiki-specific information.

Embedding videos

See the VideoFlash page.

Still need help?

If you still need help, add the text {{helpme}} to your talk page and type your question below it, and someone will come to help you as soon as possible.

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