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Maradyne (formerly Pyr0mrcow)
The molons cometh.png
Favorite server PvE
Joined Rev 4
Left a lot lol

Mara here. I started playing the game sometime before Pistons were added, but I originally joined the server, my first, with a friend back in PvE Revision 4. I met a player named TH (who I'm still sort of looking for), helped them form Stonehaven (which got eaten by Brom) in Rev 5, came back for a bit of Rev 6, and then left for an eternity.

Since then, I've been off and on. In particular, I returned for Rev 12 ending shenanigans, sticking around to help Oasis find its roots in Rev 13, making my exit again when town activity died down. In Rev 14, I built a hidden lair/dog processing facility near Rose City and BrackenOak; while it was originally planned to be a massive complex, joining the rev late prevented this. For Rev 15, I joined Yowie (after a healthy dose of stalking toward the end of last rev), helped find a portal for it to form around and get us up and running, and started building a fairly large item sorter, with plans for autofarms and cross-town item transportation; however, I had to abandon those plans early on due to various life events piling on top of eachother. Still a great experience, and Yowie remains one of my favorite towns.

Current Events

Back for Rev 25! Molon time.

Other MC history

I've built on, staffed, managed, co-run and personally put together a variety of servers, and explored and played around with many others. I'm good with pretty much any plugin I've touched, though I've never been fond of WorldGuard.

I was part of the massive shitstorm once known as the TeamChain server, long dead now. We were going 100+ constantly before it suddenly fell apart (99% due to the owner piling too many responsibilities upon himself) and we got SethBling to do his initial launch of Pit Frenzy on our and one other server. In any case, that's where my staff adventures started; outside of that, most revolved around management, development, and player relations. While I do as well have experience with tweaking preexisting mods/datapacks, creating basic ones, and a knack for extended troubleshooting, I prefer to mostly keep those things to personal usage; I'm here to have fun, first and foremost.

I also know how to construct a fair bit of redstone, filter shops, parkuor things, autofarms/autofurnaces and the like. I vary from godlike to hilariously bad at combat, depending on the length of my latest hiatus.

Oh yea, and I've run towns here and there. Not so much these days, preferring spur of the moment inspiration and surprise projects.


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