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Good News everyone!

We are going to be running a Spawn Design Contest for the upcoming PvE Server! Below, i'm gonna lay out some ground rules - please read through them all, and then get creative!


  • The contest is being held on the creative server (c.nerd.nu). To get there: /warp spawncontest
  • Anyone is allowed to enter.
  • We have currently divided some land into 24 plots. Each plot is 40 blocks by 40 blocks, and is surrounded by an obsidian wall.
  • You may only enter one spawn, and therefore only use one plot.
  • The plots will be claimed on a first come, first serve basis.
  • The maximum size of your spawn must be 40 x 40, and the minimum size should be 25 x 25.
  • You can work in teams if you like - you don't have to build it on your own!
  • Once you have claimed a plot, clearly mark it with your name (and everyone on your team, i there is one) by placing a sign somewhere easily accessible.
  • If you do not build in the plot you have claimed, after 12 hours anyone who doesn't already have a plot can take it.
  • If you are not building a spawn in your plot, the staff will remove your building, and open your plot up for grabs.
  • Please clearly mark your project is a spawn with a 'PvE Spawn' sign.
  • When designing your spawn, please ensure that the area above the spawn point is clear - there cannot be a roof above the spawn point. Keep an area of at least 15 x 15 clear above the spawn block.
  • Ensure you create boards for: Rules, Staff, Banned Items and Other Notices.
  • Once you have a plot, give the staff your plot number (eg C3) and they will place it on the plot map at /warp spawncontest. This will make it easy for everyone to navigate to your spawn!
  • The contest is running from the moment this is posted until 2011:01:10 12AM EST; (As soon as it turns Monday on 10th January 2011 in the Eastern Standard Time timezone).
  • The staff will pick a number of suitable spawns, and then let you guys vote which one you like the best! The winner will have their spawn implemented on the new PvE Server!
  • Good luck everyone, and if you have any questions or comments, post them in here!

PVE spawn contest.png

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