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'''If you have feedback about anything mentioned above, or other topics, please open a PM with Bluuefuzzy and C45Y on the forums.'''|https://archive.is/77yBp}}
'''If you have feedback about anything mentioned above, or other topics, please open a PM with Bluuefuzzy and C45Y on the forums.'''|https://archive.is/77yBp}}
{{PvP revisions}}

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PvP Server
Pvp logo.png
Current Map Revision: 1
Location: pvp.nerd.nu

PvP is the first new iteration of the old survival server.

With a new focus and simplified rules the nerd.nu pvp server offers a home for all to enjoy the many changes 1.9 combat will bring.


Revision 1


Here is a quote from pvp.nerd.nu about the first revision.

Maps are an important part to any multiplayer server, in our opinion they should bring the community together, with usable spaces for events, both player and staff run, as well as provide hubs for activity. With this in mind we have designed the first revision of pvp.nerd.nu to be simplistic, with a firm focus to not detract from the natural landscape.

We will be using vanilla world generation, this is largely due to the launch of 1.9 and the multitude of changes it is bringing to terrain. With so many new features we want to give them a good try and see how they work out, the snapshots we have been playing on promise for a fun revision, with previously useless spaces such as The End getting a complete overhaul.

Spawn will be simple, but usable. We want spawn to once again be a space where people can go to trade, or simply hang out and socialise. Over the years we have put far too much emphasis towards spreading our players to the far reaches of the map. With the addition of ice roads, non-enterable spawns, over moderation of spawn camping and a number of other factors have turned what was once a thriving hub of activity into a rarely visited location, indeed much of the focus of not just our map, but also our entire revision rewrite is to bring together our community again and incentivise play styles that don't revolve around living in a hole in the ground on the edge of wilderness.

Map size is currently planned to be 2500 x 2500.

We will be trialing a PvE protected region for spawn, which will be enterable at any time. This is by no means a new idea, and comes with its own set of problems that will need to be watched carefully. We believe the benefits of such a space outweigh the issues it brings to combat. When time permits we will be reworking this so that players tagged as in combat can still be damaged while in this PvE area. A large no build region will surround spawn.

Roads, as mentioned before, can be somewhat tricky depending what their purpose is. The road design for the new revision will be cardinal roads, for a reasonably short distance from the central spawn area. Roads will be 5 blocks wide and feature a specific color, making navigation of the map easier with reference to closest road color. Roads will be pvp enabled but build protected.

Portals are a crucial part of any map. Previously nether portals had lived at the ends of each cardinal road, or at random locations throughout the map. We aren't as nice as your previous admins. There will be 1 nether portal, right next to spawn, outside the pve region. End portals will be left up to the players who discover them to build however they wish, in the event there are no accessible (due to players breaking/blocking them) portals on the map a protected portal will be randomly placed a month into the revision.

Misc - KOTV will be returning.

~ https://archive.is/9melV


Clans are something we want to encourage, players who play with friends are more likely to continue to play and as many people can attest to, a populated server is a lot more fun to play on, coordinated pvp even more so. To encourage this we are placing a lot of emphasis on clans, and in the process of developing a web interface for clan leaderboards (Some info on this can be found below, we are looking for help)

By joining a clan, you will be able to use a wide array of commands to not only track which clans are doing well, but the location and health of your clan mates. Being in a clan also may give you access to clan chests, in my test clan Team Stooge has a tag of ts I would run /cprivate g:ts in order to give my clan mates permission over chests.

We enjoy the base functionality of SimpleClans, however we have plans to extend the functionality once 1.9 lands, as well as the web leaderboards spoken about below we also want to bring shields into the mix. With 1.9 you can apply a pattern to the front of a shield, we think this is a great way to show clan membership and will be adding the ability for the leader of a clan to set a 'skin' for all clan shields, modifying their appearance when equipped by clan members.

There will also be a special arena class for clan battles. Each clan willing to participate will be drafted in the roster and dropped into a battlefield, the last member of the clan team standing will win the arena fight for their team, our current plan is to have this mode of battle be player created gear, so clans can compose a team and equip them best for certain roles. Rewards from this arena battle are planned to include hard to gather 1.9 items, such as those fancy wings (a pair per player), we will confirm the rewards before the battle. As with all other arena battles, the first arena will take place 1 week after the revision launch.

By leveraging the SimpleClans database we also hope to feed the player PvP data into the nerd.nu player profiles for the primary website, whenever that work is completed.

Web leaderboards are in progress, but progressing slowly due to the volume of non-technical work still to be completed. Below is the data we have to work with, if you're a javascript guru why not take a stab at creating a nice leaderboard for players / clans?

We are looking to replicate the output of /clan leaderboard within a web interface. Adding a Glicko rating would be of value as the default SimpleClans rating is only based on KDA over time.

~ https://archive.is/Ngknx

Server Timeline

Launch date was planned for the same day of Spigot release however with the upstream mojang delays this will now likely be delayed. That being said, as soon a stable spigot lands we are prepared to go, a little bit of world generation and you will all finally have a new PvP server to play on. Due to a lot of the uncertainty around the combat changes we will be closely watching the revision launch, in particular the standard pvp kits that emerge for items that feel over powered, much like strength potions in 1.8. Once we gather more information there will no doubt be tweaks made to the items, we will communicate these via this blog and via in-game alerts.

Moderation, or over-moderation is something we hate every bit as much as you. Nobody likes a million rules so we've waded through them and pulled out all the important ones, you can see the update on the live rules page. Deaygo has done a lot of work for us to get timed bans, we will be using these in place if the inflexible rules of old. Had a bad day and called someone a name? You get to sit out for 12 hours, at the end of that time you get to come back, no appeal, no hassle. Repeat it often enough and we might grow less understanding however.

"Don't be a dick" is an old rule that is coming back to replace all the tiny, overly specific rules we have accumulated over the years, it will be used sparingly, intended for things such as sabotaging events or building giant political signs next to spawn. We understand there is a lot of room for abuse of such a vague rule, we as admins will be monitoring any bans made under this rule very closely.

Arenas are pretty cool. A PvP arena league will be running weekly, at a time to be decided soon. The first arena competition will be held 1 week after the revision launch. These fights will contain ( 1v1 matches ) ( Team matches ) ( Clan matches ) ( FFA ). With signup open the week leading up to the arena date, so make sure to gear up for the clan fights. More information will be given closer to the launch date. If you plan to participate please select the match types you wish to have kits provided.

If you have feedback about anything mentioned above, or other topics, please open a PM with Bluuefuzzy and C45Y on the forums.

~ https://archive.is/77yBp
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