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South Road

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South Road
Server PvE
Map revision 10
Coordinates -300, 600
Lead drtmv, Xaerim
Contributors Approximately 25 builders
Started PvE 10

South Road is a small settlement first established in the 10th revision of the PvE server. It provides several public facilities including a rail station, a community resources building, and of course, a road leading to spawn. South Road is unlike most other cities in that there is very little centralized governance. Players are encouraged to contribute how they see fit. There are no build requirements or region protections (although players may opt to protect their individual builds), and as such players do not require permission to move in. The community resources are protected by password, thus enabling any resident to grant access to newcomers.


In the early pre-cartographic days of PvE r10, player drtmv set out to explore the wild and stake a claim. Upon finding himself lost in the jungle at nightfall, he sought refuge in a carved out tree. There, on the boundry between jungle and desert, he decided to construct a base. As a merchant, drtmv made frequent travels to distant lands. The trip to spawn was a long and treacherous journey, through hot deserts and thick jungles, cold snowy hills and steep mountains. And so, a stonebrick path was laid from his southern base to ease the trek to spawn. Thus was born the South Road.

Ever eager to shorten the voyage to spawn, drtmv sought out nearby rails. He discovered Xaerim's hub, accessible from spawn through Vinhaven, and with the help of Xaerim laid rail to what is now South Road Station. Over time several other lines were added, including a direct line to and from spawn. With this, the trip that once took entire game days could now be completed in minutes. Happy to have company, drtmv extended a warm welcome to anyone seeking fresh land.

South Road slowly accrued residents, eventually gaining the support of Xaerim, whose unending generousity and skill in stonework helped bring an age of faced paced development. This time saw the birth of the South Road flag, a silver/white ring on green. A community resource center was erected to provide locals with food and a place to share materials and ideas. Public tree farms, anvil, enchanting, and brewing stations were also added. Against all odds, drtmv managed to acquire a beacon through trade, for which a monument was constructed. The beacon was installed as part of the South Road Beacon Lighting Ceremony, January 16th, 2013, accompanied by an extensive fireworks show, plentiful food, and a shower of prizes to crowds below. The ceremony was a great success for South Road, attracting new residents and establishing itself as a cultured and prosperous settlement.

Drtmv's r11 settlement, and the successor to South Road, was Birch Island. The r12 Successor to Birch Island is Alias.

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