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Spleef (Creative r10)

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Spleef warp.png
Server Creative
Map revision 10
Warp spleef

Originally started as a temporary project during server maintenance, the Spleef complex has become a permanent fixture of Creative and serves as it's official sport complex. Server limits have prevented third-parties from verifying the reported maximum occupancy number of 300.

Games On Site

Connect Four

Two players wield gravity-influenced blocks (typically sand and gravel) and take turns dropping a block down one of the rows. The first to have four of their block in a row (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) wins the match and the bottom of the apparatus is removed to drop all blocks and reset the arena for the next game.

This game is the first left after entering the complex, marked with a large 4.

Glass Tower Race

The most recent addition to the Spleef complex, Glass tower race consists of a giant glass tower filled with many two-block-high levels. The glass floor of each level contains one missing block, which players race to find and descend to the next level. In this fashion the contestants race down the tower with the first one on the ground floor being the champion.

The floors are made out of glass in order to make it difficult to find the missing block. This makes it possible to create a sport similar to a maze, but much more compact. The height of each level is two-blocks to constrict jumping and thus limit possible viewing angles for the contestants.

Pumpkin Tower Race

Much the opposite of Glass Tower Race, Pumpkin Racing requires two players to race to the sky limit of the map by laying a tower of pumpkins beneath them. The Loser must reset the playing field by removing the bottommost pumpkin block.

This game is located on the far right as you enter the complex.


The signature game of the Spleef Complex. Players enter the arena and, at the start of the round, begin destroying the blocks from underneath other players. The last person left standing (or the last to fall) is declared by the judges to be the winner.

The Spleef arena is located straight ahead after entering the complex in the large square building.


A timeless game, tic-tac-toe consists of two players (or two teams). The sides alternate in marking one of the nine spaces on the game board with O and X, respectively. When a side has three in a row the game ends and is reset. When it becomes impossible for either side to win the game is considered a tie and the board is reset.

The Tic-Tac-Toe board is located on the left past the Connect Four board.

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