Stove Pipe

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Stove Pipe
Server Creative
Map revision 21
Warp stovepipe
Lead Verros
Contributors apple231, scrapmetal646, Adamantium13, Owl9, TacoSong, AceGruger, wingalls08, dirtyfalcons, Bladewielder890, Equake1, 47trollkill, Quixa, Finna, guins097, RigorM0rtis, cerdobarbudo, neorpheus, Creeperharris, batchloo1, cookieadance23, ReplayRice, Bobii0409, HONEYGRASS454, cammiecreeper, Chillindylan13, Skylord_Char, Kevtimm15, GummyBearzClan, ilovecats1923, DBAjoker, wsfarnie, leafytornado, Gullsman7, Tim9724, buzzinbee, Sniperboy, Tinytinka, kuuy123, MWBaron1000, ashisflamequeen, tmzshark, mollyteter, Christina50, Firesondiego, Alas123623, THEBEASTWILLDIE, 170nat, OntheGDReg, UltimatePancake, sgtbraders, awesomeman568, nick_vaud, MCSammy, subata, Norami, mrmayoman, michlantecuh, WayneByNumbers, Leethan25, ZhenWan, watermonkey321
Started 28th of May, 2012

The latest community project by Verros. The project is split into 2 sections; the underground city and the surface project.

Digging was completed on the 6th of June, 2012 and began on the 28 of May.

The previous warp for this was /warp dig, but now that the digging is done, the proper warp is set to /warp stovepipe.

The housing district and business is open now for all the build in! Please read the listed rules and have fun building! (Grab plots quick as they are limited).

I got bored and gave up on the rest, sorry.


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