Undead Graveyard

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Undead Graveyard
Undead Graveyard
Game Mode CTF
Map author Abitcat
Version 1.0
Launch date Oct. 27, 2016
Kit weapons 1x Sharpness 5 Iron Sword "You have been poked.", 1x Infinity Bow "Gun", 1x Arrow
Kit potions 1x Healing "First Aid", 1x Splash Damage II "Molotov", 1x Splash Poison "X2"
Kit shield 1x Protection 4 Shield
Misc. kit items 16x Golden Apple "Applies Dipped in Gold", 64x Cooked Porkchop "Totally Not Ground Wolf"
"Capture the enemy flag and return it to yours. An entry from the 2016 Halloween map contest."
Undead Graveyard objective blurb

Undead Graveyard is a CTF map. It was chosen as one of the two winning entries of the Halloween-themed Minigames Map Making Contest (2016) and included in the official map rotation shortly afterwards.


Map Layout

The map layout is simple; as there are 3 ways of getting to the other side. Going through, dodging arrows, trees, tombstones, zombies, and pumpkins, and the 2 sides, that take longer, yet it has nothing but a fence on each side. The entire graveyard is surrounded by a fence, and the road around it has leaves around it for some reason. You spawn at one of two trucks, one red, one blue, with the flag in the center.




  • 10.27.2016: First release on Minigames
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