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* [https://redd.it/4j7qgf PvP Rev 2 Launch Incoming]
* [https://redd.it/4j7qgf PvP Rev 2 Launch Incoming]
* [https://redd.it/4tchiz It's been good, friends.]
* [https://redd.it/4tchiz It's been good, friends.]
* [https://redd.it/4ujbr6 PvPPvP (pvp.nerd.nu) is in chaos mode. Come express your love with lava, fire and TNT.]
* [https://redd.it/4ujbr6 PvP (pvp.nerd.nu) is in chaos mode. Come express your love with lava, fire and TNT.]

Latest revision as of 07:31, 28 July 2016

PvP Server
Pvp logo.png
Current Map Revision: 2
Location: pvp.nerd.nu

PvP is a survival mode Minecraft server that allows Player vs Player combat.

The purpose of the server is to provide a compelling PvP experience accessible using a vanilla Minecraft client, although some client mods are allowed. (Modifications that allow x-ray or directly enhance PvP, however, are not allowed.)

The server was named "PvP" to emphasise that it is distinct from the previous PvP server, Survival, and to make it clear to players that non-vanilla Minecraft game mechanics are within the scope of what can be implemented on the server.

[edit] Rules

See: Rules

[edit] Revisions

Revision Number Start Date End Date Carto Comments
&01 2016-03-01 2016-05-04 [1] This revision started almost as soon as a 1.9 version of Spigot was available. It was administered by c45y and Bluuefuzzy. It brought simplified rules and timed bans for rule infractions. It was mostly vanilla Minecraft.

Liquid flow was not restricted by a plugin. Clans were supported with the SimpleClans plugin. Players left a killable ghost on logout courtesy of the CombatTagPlus plugin. As with past Survival revisions, there were four distinctly coloured cardinal roads leading away from spawn. There was only one nether portal, at spawn.


&02 2016-05-13 2016-07-25 [2] This revision followed the winning formula of PvP rev 1, but turnout was unexpectedly poor. It was administered by Bluuefuzzy and cmchappell.


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