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Snow's Reach

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Snow's Reach is the name for the massive snow biome located at (insert co-ords here) on revision 18 of Creative. Many aspects of it are sure to change over time.

Snow's Reach City

Snow's Reach City was orginally founded by Verros Corporation as a mining and metal production town. Increased advertising allowed it to be colonized enough to be considered a city. This was great for the company profit, but it also attracted other's to found their towns and townships in other parts of Snow's Reach.

Snow's Reach City was made where the most profit could be found, the terrain is bare and there are mines, tunnels and ravines under and around the entire city.

Private and Public Property

(list your builds here if they were built before 28/11/2011)

Cactus Cliff and the Frost Tree Area

This area was found the way it exists today. There is a grouping of cacti randomly on a section of a hill and the surrounding area is covered with trees made of ice and snow. It is very bizarre and no one can seem to explain it.

Placeholder Land

For now, this area doesn't have a name, but it will soon.

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