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Ninja ... ?
Favorite server Creative
Joined 2010-12-01

He helps with the wiki. Say hi if you see him. (:D)

You can also email me

Darkskynet has been addicted to Dwarf Fortress lately... He is slowly becoming a dwarf ... Darkskynet is normally seen hasn't been doing modreq's on the creative server of late..., but he can be seen on the other servers from time to time.

From 2011-10-16 until mid-December 2011 Darkskynet was gone for Air Force training. The wiki was protected from spam by a great group of moderators on the wiki during this time.


Current living conditions

Living a happy life in Dallas, TX.

This user is a Minecrafter.

Contacting Darkskynet

If you need to get in contact with Darkskynet, there are several ways:

  • IRC - I am sometimes on IRC, normally the best way is to send me a message on reddit or post a new section on my talk page (See below..).
  • Reddit - PM him on Reddit. He spends way too much time on there, so he'll get back to you.
  • Mumble - Gets on sometimes too talk about wiki stuff and taking pictures of things on server for the wiki.
  • Forums - If you make a post on the forum for me I may never see it, I get on the forums about once a month...

Or just leave a message on his talk page. I am always on the wiki..

Things Darkskynet has built or helped with (very incomplete)

PvE rev10


Creative rev16

Bridge design for Fedora:
Fedora darkskynet aquaduct3.png Fedora darkskynet aquaduct2.png Fedora darkskynet aquaduct1.png

Darkskynet Memorial Bridge in Fedora was the last major project that Darkskynet was able to work on before going to USAF basic training on 18 Oct 2011:
Fedora darkskynet bridge3.png Fedora darkskynet bridge3.png Fedora darkskynet bridge.png Fedora pumpstation2.png

Fedora Sign (The green and black one):
Fedora sign darkskynet.png

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