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2012-12-05 02.06.31.jpg
Diz, Avi, and Jase mining the craft
Authority Pretty much none to be heard of/certainly none anymore
Favorite server PvE
Joined 2012-08-01
Left 2013-08-10


Past Activity

Revision 8

Lurked like a boss

Revision 9

After being trapped in spawn with the rest of the crafters due to intense lag, Diz finally made it to Seneca. This looked like a fine place to settle in to Diz, so he quickly set up shop in the base camp and began helping set up. He soon met snickerpleez and proceeded to help lay down the roads all around Seneca. It was in this way that he first met abdias62, whom he would have many a good time with. Somewhere towards the beginning of the rev, he somehow ran into the ever elusive Therandomnatrix, probably between attempts to assassinate buzzie71. He joined with Therandomnatrix and Abdias62 and together they formed RAD industries, which to this day continues to not finish huge builds. But he couldn't be content with just not finishing builds. During the construction of Seneca tower, Diz and random were appointed to the Seneca Task Force by UNC_Samurai and Foretopsail. Unfortunately, it was around this time that the exodus took place, and things began to die down around Seneca, as many of the old players stopped logging on. As the rev wore on, and things started to wind down, Diz met gdavison, a past mayor of Seneca who was looking to get back into things. Together they decided that, in the absence of UNC, they would continue Seneca. This brings us to...

Revision 10

Will fill in later unless someone else does.

Blah blah blah mayor

blah blah blah spleef

Revision 11

I honestly spent most of this rev drunk. hurr.

Revision 12


Revision 13

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