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Authority Head Admin
Favorite server Creative
Joined 2011-07-23
Left Please Don't :(
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A rare sighting of a JohnAdams1735 out of her natural habitat. Seen here in the Survival server stalking her prey.

JohnAdams1735 came in quietly but quickly built a reputation. Fairly knowledgeable and usually friendly. Made a Moderator 2011-09-18, during Creative Revision 16. Made a Creative Admin 2011-12-09, during Creative Revision 18. Made a Head Admin 2012-05-26, during Creative Revision 21/PvE Revision 8/Survival Revision 15. JohnAdams is one of the most caring people on the server, if you ever need help with something or just need someone to talk to, go find her.



Rev. 15

  • House in Derp Harbour
  • House in Holy Lake
  • Digging in Noobville Water Level
  • House in Noobville Water Level
  • On Town Council for Noobville (thanks maidengenevieve)
  • Digging in Dome5
  • Preston Township (was a warp)
  • Spei's Castle and the Town inside (shared warp with Preston)
  • Skyscraper (Adams Tower) in Dome5
  • House in Pleasant Valley
  • Rabbits in the Ark
  • Three Houses in TLC
  • Museum display (Gold Mining in the 19th Century U.S. West) in the TLC Museum
  • Clay and mud tent in the TLC Market
  • The Green Line Extension
  • The Green Line End of the World Station at 3000
  • The Purple Line from Tebok's City to Dome5
  • Some things inside Super Verros
  • A small cabin in the woods
  • Helped several friends with their projects.

Rev. 16

  • CTA (Creative Transity Authority) Rail Lines
  • CTA Headquarters (south of Spawn)
  • A modern house across the street from the CTA HQ
  • A different rendition of the Preston Pub (this time located in Tebok's City)
  • Verros, City of Pipes
  • Fedora (An Art Deco City)
  • Made a Moderator
  • Helped out with several friends' projects

Rev. 17

  • Bicorne [1] [2]
  • Small rendition of Preston
  • Helped a little with the CTA Lines and the CTA HQ
  • Helped friends with their projects

Rev. 18

  • Snow's Reach and Snow's Reach City (three cabins, roads, and a mountain home)
  • Snow's Reach public middle and high school
  • CTA Rail Lines a bit
  • The Big Ignuf digging
  • The Big Ignuf Itself (mushroom-tree in the middle)
  • The Big Ignuf Cubes (built a house and helped with the road cubes) [3]
  • Digging for the Spawn Build Contest
  • Made a Creative Admin
  • Helped friends with their projects

Rev. 19

  • Preparing the map before it went live
  • Noobville
  • Small bungalo house in Crack Town (by Cmdrtebok)

Rev. 20

  • Preparing the map before it went live
  • Helped a little with TLC
  • Yu Liberte from the video game Tales of Graces for the PS3. Special thanks to Ludeman84 and guyjones for the help!

Rev. 21

  • Preparing the map before it went live
  • Spawn
  • CTA Lines
  • CTA Headquarters
  • A House in Pine Grove (by Skylord_Char)

Rev. 22

  • House in Buzzin City (by buzzinbee)
  • Houses in clt (by xxnjordxx)
  • A house in a stalled version of Preston
  • Helped with ModU under CTACity

Rev. 23

  • Project manager of Dome6
  • Condos in Dome6
  • Mental hospital in Dome6 Slums
  • Abandoned house in Dome6 Slums
  • Abandoned motel in Dome6 Slums
  • Abandoned factory in Dome6 Slums
  • Trailer park in in Dome6 Slums
  • Skyscraper in Dome6 Yellow Quad

Rev. 24

  • Preston - including 15+ houses


Rev. 5

  • House in Wild Wolf Gulch, the western-themed district of Brom (Sept., 2011)

Rev. 6

  • House in Notbacon (Dec., 2011)
  • Connected Farm House appended to Notbacon (Dec., 2011)

Rev. 7

  • House and wool shop in Evergreen

Rev. 8

  • A Minecraft version of the William Pitt Tavern from Portsmouth, NH in Historic Colonial Seneca
  • A waterfront warehouse and dock

Rev. 9

  • A small cabin in emf5100's town
  • An odd little cabin in Brom

Rev. 10

  • A house with emf, nolan, josh, and one other
  • Rails to buzzie71 (not a spy)
  • Rails to Tsitrin (and Skylord_Char)

Rev. 11

  • Working with the Road Builders Association (RBA)
  • A bridge about 1200 blocks from Spawn along the North road.
  • A small blue house in Pico. On a cliff.


Rev. 13

  • The JPL base near the end of Brick Road and the hidden one somewhere

Rev. 14

  • The JPL base and the hidden one somewhere

Rev. 15

  • A tower behind the AJPL walls and the hidden one somewhere

Rev. 16

  • Not so much building as just hanging out

Rev. 17

  • One of the mayors/founders of Weschesterlinconshire-Upon-S
  • The wall around Weschesterlinconshire-Upon-S
  • A large mansion in Weschesterlinconshire-Upon-S

Rev. 18

  • Helped kill the Ender Dragon!
  • A house in the town in the End
  • Lots of mining
  • A little crap shack off Orange Road

Rev. 19

  • A small, underdeveloped plot along one of the roads, shared by a friend
  • A late-rev survival island with a small group of people

Rev. 20

  • Bluehaven
  • NuBluehaven

Rev. 21

  • Helped with the Arena League

JohnAdams1735 has also had a few short runs into Chaos.

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