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Favorite server PvE
Joined PvE Rev 14



Rev 14

I first joined PvE during Rev 14, and joined Sybercity. I built a small automatic sugarcane farm, helped build the city's stables and animal farm, and built myself a small house that never got a roof. I stopped playing some time into the rev, and although I visited briefly during Rev 15, I didn't really start playing on the server again until a few years later.

Rev 25

I started playing on PvE again about halfway through the rev. I was bored during the COVID-19 pandemic and remembered having a fun time on the server, so I decided to visit and see how the things were going. I was happy to play with a community as welcoming as Nerd's, and decided to stick around because of that.

My only notable build was a 9x9 crop farm with layers going from y1 to y255, which was neither useful nor pretty. After deciding building wasn't my forte, I started collecting various Rev 25 souvenirs. I was the first to finish pez252's Actually-a-Maze, and got a mooshroom spawner as a prize, which I placed in a spawn plot. I joined Solace near the end of the rev.

Rev 26

Having found an interest in collecting unique items and accomplishing strange goals, I started the rev with the goal to kill the first dragon & collect the only original Dragon Egg. With the help of Solace, we defeated the dragon in roughly 2 hours and 15 minutes, a new PvE record [citation needed]. After that, I explored the map to activate the rev's livemap early. I also found all of the rev's World Wonders during that exploration.

I was mayorized in Solace along with Penergy on December 4, 2020.


During the 2020 fundraiser, I wanted to focus on the Richest Island contest. I built a fast hostile mob farm early on, and spent most of my time just sitting there killing mobs, making a few upgrades along the way. I finished the event with the richest individual island having 20 Polished Cobble (5,242,880 cobble), and the 3rd richest island in general, behind the group islands of Solace (14,568,576 cobble) and Rose (12,866,427 cobble).

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