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Wash your hands.
Authority Head Admin
Favorite server PvE
Joined Spring 2014
Left you can't leave...it won't let you



Rev 13

Defiex dismayed the mayors of Rose with a terrible and half abandoned build on some great beachfront property.

Rev 14

Most of this Rev was spent feeding and clothing lost souls existing due east of the Spawn building. Defie would tend to the gardens and leave public chests full of food, armor and tools for the masses.

Rev 15

defiex created the Argoth Embassy. A monstrosity that included the Enderman Cafe, a small farm, offices and the most convoluted use of hoppers to avoid traveling up and down four stories to the public chests. The embassy also included a rest stop, beach front relaxation arena and a set of apartments over the Embassy's shops. Many liked to bring their chidlren and picnic at the Embassy's refurbished playground!

Rev 16

In Rev 16, while searching for the east or north portals at teh beginning of the rev, defie became lost while exploring some abandoned mineshafts. Three days later, it was decided that this was Argoth's new home and if defie was lucky, one day a way would be found to the surface. Argoth hosted the Church of the Raptor Jesus, a cemetary, a jousting arena and a super secret missle silo. Shhhh.

Rev 17

With the retirement of one of the server's primo-horse breeders, defie decided to locate some horses for horsebreeding at Argoth. Because of location of the original horses and a villager with a saddle trade*, defie decided to remain in this location, founding Horsegoth. Horsegoth boasted a horsebarn, traveler's inn and it's own spleef arena attached to the Entertainment Mansion that overlooked a tranquil pond. Horsegoth was within walking distance of Clearmont's yellow line and had a direct rail line to the NEA and Argoth proper.

  • Unfortunately, defie did not practice safe multi-family security on the laptop used to play and the precious villager was remorselessly murdered by Little Defie, who then, using the villagers bloodied clothes, erected a flag atop the nearest mountain peak to proclaim his "most awesomeness."

Rev 18

Dues Vult Argothia!

Argoth was located in the South East, for going the usual North East location. The population has swelled from the meager trio and then by Rev 18's end, trickled down to a meager three. In the last weeks of this rev, SirLyle grasiously assisted in getting the rail from spawn to the Argoth region updated and in working order.

Rev 19

Taking a break from building in Argoth, defie joined forces with TreeNinja in Schematicdefielandtowncityville aka Anneville, a small commune to the east of Orion and their West Portal. This rev saw the creation of the Dragon Coliseum.

Many Bothans died to create this town.

Rev 20

Rev 20 saw the creation and decoration administration of Spawn. A bit build-tired, defie waited a couple of weeks before venturing to the far corner of the map. This rev saw the creation of Our Land, a dino-topia with too-small cages for a pair of dinosaurs and an overlarge unused water stadium! Defie, however, was pleased by Our Land as it was only accessable by boat and defie could finally relax.

Much time was spent adding to the spawn apartment building as the revision progressed, with additions to upper floors, spawn apartment contests and the arrival of aliens!

Rev 21

This revision saw defi building mostly directly next to spawn in the Argoth Embassy with various trips to Agroth herself to assist in building out some of the first floor of the Town hall.

Rev 22

This Revision, defiex stepped down from the position of PvE Admin and retired to the far north-east of the map, founding the town of Feeshgoth, hoping for some solitude and quiet away from the rigours of the previous post. Soon, defi would realize that the selected location was near a nether portal, and end-portal and the sister town of Argoth. Much work was done on Feeshgoth and further into the revision, defi took over decorations/building out the NE End Portal, making it a quasi-throwback build to the old Missle silo of Undergoth.

Rev 23


Rev 24

Wheast Road. 'nuff said.

Rev 25

Defi begun the revision by helping to create RainBow Road. Eventually, defie escaped to the far west and built on the ice biome. Chilly.


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