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[[Image:N5b2046r.png|thumb|St. Patrick's Day 2016]]
[[Image:N5b2046r.png|thumb|St. Patrick's Day 2016]]
[[Image:2016-03-26_21.26.42_PvE-rev-17.png|thumb|Easter holidays 2016]]
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Welcome to the MC Public Wiki!

At the moment we operate four different styles of Minecraft server! We currently have to offer: Creative, PvE, PvP Minigames, and we also run an annual fundraiser on our Event server.

To see what other users have created on the wiki already, have a gander at the list of creations or the creations category page.

Curious about the server's hardware? Head on over to the server page for full details.

Get to know the friendly faces on our servers a little better through our Mumble and Discord servers.

And don't forget you can check out our forums, subreddit or the Twitter feed for up-to-date information.

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Did you know...

  • You can browse through all of the pages on the wiki by going to All Pages.
  • The wiki contains 1,177 articles, written by our 35,977 users, garnering a total of 18,256,861 views! Thank you to everyone who has made this feat possible!
  • We made our first steps into the online world of Minecraft on June 10, 2009. At eight years and counting, remains one of the oldest Minecraft servers still in operation.
  • In the first day after the release of Beta 1.8 (The Adventure Update), saw nearly 3,500 unique visitors.
  • Although the Chaos server is now officially retired, from time to time the server is revived as a special event or testing grounds for new plugins or version updates. Keep your eye out for updates on the subreddit/twitter!
  • Creative's Revision 24 holds the record for longest revision length to-date, at a whopping 6 months and 30 days!

Wiki Community Help

If you need help using or editing the wiki in any way, please visit the help index or get in touch with the staff via discord - someone should be available with a bit of guidance!

Our wiki has long been in need of some care - if you spot an article that looks like it is in dire need of an update, have a go! You can find some of these in our "more info needed" category page, where others have flagged articles in need of editing.

We also want to actively encourage folks to create new pages for their individual projects or towns - this wiki is our history, seven years in the making, and we would like to see all of your great builds immortalised here.

Want to help but don't have the slightest clue about editing a wiki? Check out wikipedia's help page for anything and everything to do with wikipedia syntax. Want a little more reassurance? Check out the source code on another page within the wiki to see how things are done!

Need to talk to a member of staff for any other reason? Get in touch in-game, via the subreddit, forums, or through our discord server.

Server Information


Tree Building contest for revision 18 of PvE going on NOW!


  • Currently on the 17th revision, this revision was started on 8 January 2016.
  • List of Creations by revision: (PvE creations)
  • PvE Rules
St. Patrick's Day 2016
Easter holidays 2016



Interesting article

The Comprehensive Guide to PvE


This article is intended as an in-depth guide and thorough FAQ for users new to, or unfamiliar with, our PvE server. The guide offers up-to-date information on what to expect when joining the server, with a focus on the rules and plugins that set us apart from other Minecraft servers.

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