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Welcome to the MC Public Wiki!

We currently have four servers, they are listed below. Please feel free to check them out and have fun!

See the server page for images and detailed information about the server hardware.

To see what users have created, view the list of creations or browse the creations category.

Come voice chat with everyone on the Mumble server, or join us in IRC!

Don't forget you can check out the Forum, subreddit or the Twitter feed for information.

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Dusky Pines after 1 Month - [Reddit post]

Did you know...

  • You can browse through all pages on this wiki by going to the All Pages page.
  • This wiki has 945 articles contributed by 35,938 users, gathering 7,328,469 views! Thanks everyone for making this possible!
  • In only the first ten days of the 12th revision of the Creative Server map, the top 1000 users collectively put in over 11,700 hours of time. That's almost a year and a half of time in just ten days!
  • In the first day after the release of 1.8, MCPublic saw nearly 3,500 unique visitors.
  • As of March 2, 2012 Creative players have accumulated 41,936 hours of game play since August 2011 [1]

Wiki Community Help

If you need help, please visit the help page.

If you would like to help make this wiki better please visit the looking for help category. This is a category for users needing assistance.

You can also check out the more needed category. This is a list of articles that need more information, or images.

Don't know anything about wiki editing or don't quite remember how to do something in wiki syntax look here for any and all up to date information about how to do everything in a wiki: Wikipedia help page

Need to talk to a Mod or Admin in game? Check out the modreq page for detailed instructions on how to get help fast.

Server Information



  • Currently on the 18th revision, this revision was started on 27 May 2016.
  • List of Creations by revision: (PvE creations)
  • PvE Rules
Easter holidays 2016


  • Launched 2 Sep 2016.
  • Version: 1.10.2
  • Player rankings


Interesting article

The Quick-start Guide to Creative

Dome5 12.png

This article is intended to be a quick-start guide and FAQ for new users or users unfamiliar with the Creative server. The guidelines and commands below are by no means exhaustive, but should give a player the basics to join the server and start successfully.

Written by mike_acosta, this article is a good read for anyone new to the creative server, it outlines the ways to go about contacting staff and dealing with day to day functions of the server, for a good experience, it is a recommended read. edited by yagi_takeru

Click here to read the guide

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