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|header1      = Current Map Revision: <big>None</big>
|header1      = Current Map Revision: <big>None</big>
|label2      = Location:
|label2      = Location:
|header2      = Location: <big>''',,'''</big>
|header2      = Location: <big>''''''</big>

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Chaos Server
Chaos logo.png
Current Map Revision: None


General info is now running in chaos on Minecraft 1.14.4 which fixes most of the problems that have plagued previous 1.14 versions. Mojang have said that 1.14.4 is the last 1.14 series release they will make. They will address outstanding bugs and improve performance in 1.15, along with whatever features they have planned. We plan to update Chaos to the latest snapshots when they are released.

Chaos means survival mode where griefing and PvP are allowed; there are no protections of builds, chests, mobs etc. You have to connect directly with a 1.14.4 client because we're not hooked up to the lobby.


Pro chaos style is to move far from spawn and build a secret base. If you want to build out in the open, be aware that someone could come and shit on it, because that's the chaos way. It would be a really bad idea for you to put a portal in your base, or within line of sight of it, because portals connect up to each other in really inconvenient ways if you're trying to hide. World

All worlds are vanilla generation. The overworld has a border set at +/- 32000 and the nether has a border at +/-4000.


All applicable rules apply, except the ones that are not applicable and/or do not apply, obvs. Like if someone comes and kills you, busts your chests and lavas your dog, don't expect a hug from us. But if you build a dick I will strike down upon thee with furious anger and great vengeance! Since the rules page is basically useless for this, just use some common sense: hate speech, doxxing and hacking/xray will get you banned, but pve notions of being nice are entirely your choice.

  • The difficulty is set to hard.
  • There are no protections or LWC. Griefing is allowed.
  • PVP is enabled. If you don't want to get killed try to run far from spawn!
  • We reserve the right to kick, ban, edit the world or give reasonable directions to players for the sake of the stability and accessibility of the server, regardless of whether these actions are contemplated on the rules page.

Stability, Performance

None of these things are available in Minecraft 1.14. It's a dumpster fire. Minecraft 1.14.1 makes things only marginally better and modded servers (Spigot/PaperSpigot) sprinkle on a little stability and performance despite Mojang's best efforts. And I guess we'll see about 1.14.x.

So, we make no guarantees that the server won't lag or crash. It's provided on a best effort basis only, with no guarantees. Come and have fun, but it's a good idea not to get too attached to anything because chaos has a way of shitting on that. You paid for the hardware. You deserve to enjoy it!

Plugins, Features

We're running in chaos mode, but we're not savages. There's NerdClanChat for group chat, private messages with /m and /r, inter-server mail, a coordinate display using /hud and waypoints (/setwp <name>, /listwps, /delwp). You can use /modreq to report problems.


Sometime in early 2012, was taken offline due to hardware performance issues. [1]

Temporary chaos maps were periodically set up on the occasionally-run Event server (, coinciding with major Minecraft updates. These maps are used to test the server plugins in their updated versions as they come out, and to give players a place to play for a short time while they wait for the plugin updates to complete and the new server revisions to start. These temporary maps generally last only a matter of days, and the rules still apply as they are listed in the Chaos Rules. As of this writing, two of the temp Chaos maps have been preserved at the map download page With upgrades of our tech and the retirement of Minigames, we can now run Chaos on an ongoing basis.

Map revision history

Revision Number Start Date End Date Comments
&07 2011-06-13 May 2019 Returned for players to test out latest snapshot gameplay
&06 2011-06-13  ?? Eustis wanted to show off his anarchy symbol(Eustis here, that was actually MBoffin's handiwork)
&05 2011-04-26 2011-06-12 Moved to Arizona
&04 2011-02-18 2011-02-2X New map because darksim asked
&03 2011-02-03 2011-02-18 Reload of #1 using new hMod
&02 2011-01-16 2011-01-28 Using Bukkit
&01 2011-01-08 Terrain gen mod used
&00 First (?) version
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