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Many games and servers offer things like paid loot boxes to give the player buying them an advantage over everyone else. Some allow special ranks, privileges, or even staff positions to be purchased as well. Though our servers and gamemodes may have changed over the past 10 years, the core idea of Nerd.nu has not: that all players should be treated fairly and equally. Anyone can join our servers for the first time, without giving us a cent, and have the same experience as someone who’s been around for years and donated hundreds of dollars.

The hardware our servers run on does cost money, so once a year we hold a fundraiser to help pay for the next year’s costs. Every penny donated goes directly to running the servers you play on. If you are able to contribute, and believe that we have earned it, we greatly appreciate any amount you give. If you are not able to contribute, don’t worry about it! Just have fun at the event.

General Info

We are once again trying something different from the typical CTF event, although CTF will still be making an appearance. We’ll be looking for your feedback after the event is over.

  • The fundraiser will run September 13th to September 15th, 2019 on e.nerd.nu.
  • The server will be on 1.13.2.
  • As always, all other servers will be closed during the fundraiser.
  • The fundraiser will start around 8pm EDT on Friday and end 10pm Sunday evening. EDIT: The event server will remain open for a few days so that players may explore the PvE quests and fight in the different PvP arenas.
  • The other servers will open back up some time after 9pm EDT Sunday evening.

The Museum

Warp Block

The Nerd.Nu servers are celebrating our 10th Anniversary! (The official birthday was June 11th, 2019). To ring in the occasion, we're bringing back spawns from dozens of previous PvE, Creative, and Survival Revisions! At the start of the event, most rooms will be locked. Over time, rooms will slowly be opened, and their corresponding activities and descriptions will be updated on this page. Every room contains a small chunk of a revision's spawn, as well as a warp block (shown on the left) which links you to the full 600x600 spawn area. Please use the warp block to do your exploration; you'll find that most buildings and tunnels in the Museum itself have been sealed off. These blocks will require an empty inventory; most warp blocks have built-in ender chests to stash items in.

Once you warp from a museum room and enter its matching spawn area, there will be another warp block (or at least directions to another warp block) that can return you back to the museum. If you just want to explore the spawns without participating in their PvP/PvE/Minigame challenges, you are welcome to do so! Some spawns even have free elytra and rockets (and even creative flying!) for that exact purpose.

Since the museum itself is incredibly large, there are signs in spawn that will grant you two items: the Fast rail, and the Faster rail, both of which let you run through the building at breakneck speeds if you hold them. You won't be able to take these into actual spawns with you, but they're sure handy for getting around!

Map Info

  • Nether and End portals and dimensions are disabled.
  • Hostile Mobs will not spawn outside of designated areas.
  • With the exception of a few minigames rooms, each Museum room is a 600x600 region copied from a previous revision's spawn.

Red PvP Path

On the Red path, you'll be participating in PvP events, such as archery battles, King of the Hill, King of the Ladder, and of course CTF. Grab some gear from the kit signs and get battlin'!

  • Room 1 - PvE Revision 3 - Archery Free-for-All! Grab an archery kit and shoot your friends!
  • Room 2 - PvE Revision 8 - CTF!
  • Room 3 - Creative Revision 13 - King of the Hill - Use your Boppin' Stick and try to rule the Banned Items board on the floating islands. Don't fall in the lava!
  • Room 4 - Creative Revision 15 - King of the Ladder (KotL) - Fight your way to the top of the highest mast of the pirate ship, and see how long you can hold it armed with only your wits! (and a particularly helpful fish)
  • Room 5 - PvE Revision 9 - King of the Hill - Armed with naught but a fishing rod, can you rule the floating island catwalks?
  • Room 6 - TBA
  • Room 7 - TBA
  • Room 8 - Creative Revision 17 - FFA arena! - Duke it out in the Party Basement!
  • Room 9 - PvE Revision 17 - CTF! - Duke it out in the shadow of the Flowercopter!
  • Room 10 - Creative Revision 18 - FFA arena! - Gather around the Christmas tree - and KILL!
  • Room 11 - Creative Revision 20 - King of the Hill! - Can you stay on top of the spawn?
  • Room 12 - Creative Revision 21 - CTF! - Slide across the ice!
  • Room 13 - TBA
  • Room 14 - Creative Revision 22 - Low-Grav Free-for-All! - With obscenely jump and speed boost (and knockback as well),try and knock your friends into the next dimension!
  • Room 15 - TBA
  • Room 16 - Survival Revision 12 - CTF/King of the Hill! - This dual-purpose spawn features the usual CTF accoutrements, but also a giant statue for KotH!
  • Room 17 - TBA

Blue Minigames Path

On the Blue path, you'll find various mazes and minigames, such as Speed Build, Obstacle Courses, Boat Races, Thimble, the Survival classic: Punt, and of course, SPLEEF! We'll be hosting a mini FISA tournament, full rules and team sign-ups can be found on the subreddit

  • Room 1 - Creative Revision 9 - Cube Maze! Built by Distractibility and sma11s101, it's 11 layers of pure disorientation!
  • Room 2 - Spleef! FFA Spleef on Friday, Sept 13th at 9PM eastern, plus the FISA tournament ongoing throughout the event.
  • Room 3 - PvE Revision 1 - Thimble! - Climb to the top and jump! Place a wool block where you land; the last player who survives wins!
  • Room 4 - Creative Revision 8 - Boat Race! - Grab a boat and sail your way through the course; just watch out for other boats!
  • Room 5 - P Revision 10 and 16 - More Mazes! - Explore Scherererer's lovely maze of DOOM, as well as pez252's infamous underground spawn secret maze! (/modreq if you need a warp out)
  • Room 6 - Fundraiser 2012 - Obstacle Race Course!
  • Room 7a - PvE Revision 18 - Fishing Contest - No Feesh! Catch the falling blocks with your fishing rod!
  • Room 7b - Creative Revision 14 - Fishing Contest - see above
  • Room 8 - Survival Revision 21 - Using nothing but your own fists, punch your friends off of the arena!
  • Room 9 - Speed Build! (Saturday, Sept. 14th at 9PM Eastern) Congratulations to our round winners: Verros, Spook6, PPGOME, and Marting11!

Green Adventure Path

On the Green path, you'll be fighting your way through hordes of mobs, hunting for hidden signs and spawn secrets, and going on all sorts of other adventures.

  • Room 1 - PvE Revision 6 - Mob Adventure - Fight your way through zombie hordes as you assemble a cure!
  • Room 2 - PvE Revision 7 - Mob Adventure - Put the souls of players who died in the 5k to rest!
  • Room 3 - PvE Revision 8 - Mob Adventure - Can you find the Mythical Beasts?
  • Room 4 - PvE Revision 9 - Mob Adventure - Dr. Sign has some more secrets for you to find!
  • Room 5 - PvE Revision 10 - Mob Arena - An admin-run event: every few hours, you can fight a horde of mobs with a specific kit.
  • Room 6 - PvE Revision 11 - Photo Hunt - Explore the Unity and its surroundings, and see if you can find the signs hidden at these locations: https://imgur.com/a/qvcferV
  • Room 7 - PvE Revision 12 - Mob Adventure -
  • Room 8 - PvE Revision 13 - Mob Adventure - Some zombies have invaded the Rev 13 Museum spawn.... help give them a tour!
  • Room 9 - PvE Revision 15 - Mob Adventure - Hunt for Pirate Treasure!
  • Room 10 - PvE Revision 20 - Mob Adventure - Help defiex find her keys! Just beware, some new residents have moved in......
  • Room 11 - Creative Revision 26 - Spawn Secret Hunt - Using the Spawn Secrets board as a guide, can you find the Rev 26 spawn secrets?
  • Room 12 - Survival Revision 5 - Photo Hunt - Similar to Room6, you can fly around and see try to can match the screenshots to their in-game locations.
  • Room 13 - TBA
  • Room 14 - TBA

See the map of the museum for the locations of rooms on each path. Warp signs will be also be available in the lobby to visit each of the rooms as they unlock.

Mini Lobby Contest

As a side event, we will also be having a Mini Lobby Contest! For the duration of the Fundraiser, you'll have the opportunity to build in a copy of the Museum's lobby. Right as you walk through the front lobby entrance, turn left and look for the Lobby Contest Nook: (picture to be added soon)

Contest Rules

  • Players may work in groups
  • Make a /modreq to ask for a plot. Your name (or names) will be added to a warp sign in the Lobby Contest Nook that leads to your plot
  • There must be 4 water/ice portals
  • You may add to the walls and ceiling, but do not remove the existing quartz. The floor may be changed without restrictions.
  • Players will have access to creative mode, and may modreq for barriers, water flow, etc.
  • The contest will continue on the Creative server after the Event server closes, more details to be announced.
  • The winning lobby is guaranteed to be added to our queue for the main lobby on lobby.nerd.nu, and other honorable mentions may find a place in the rotation as well.

Event Server Rules

  • All global rules apply.
  • No griefing or intentionally making the event experience worse for others. If you break something, fix it.
  • No xray.