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Admin-O-Sphere v1.0
Server PvE
Map revision 1
Coordinates -30, 5
Lead BugBBQ
Completed 2011-01-08

The Admin-O-Sphere was created as a self-contained environment for Admins (mods are welcome too) in the Reddit's PvE server. The legend of the sphere states that the empty glass shell was created upon the creation of the PvE universe. While setting up the server for public use, BugBBQ stumbled upon the sphere and decided to create a more admin-friendly environment within the glass bubble.



The atmosphere within the Admin-O-Sphere is 77% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 20% Dolomite, 1% Methanol, %.5 Red #5, and .5% Pine-Fresh scent. This atmosphere is ideal for the survival of admins. Down in the lower caverns of the sphere, the Methane level rises to almost 10% of the atmosphere, thus providing near-perfect breathing conditions for Moderators.

Geological Information

The Admin-O-Sphere contains the following major geological landmarks:

Mt. Admin


Peak ascended by BugBBQ on 01/08/2011

Sherpas that died during ascension: 4.2

Admin Beach

Most commonly confused with Los Angeles' "Muscle Beach", Admin Beach is a far, far sadder beach containing less than %.01 muscle.

AJDane's Pansy Garden

By far one of the most beautiful flower gardens in all of PvE. When asked about it's inspiration, creator AJDane responded, "I just wanted to express to beauty I feel inside me". He was then slapped in the face with a fish shortly after this interview by a well dressed man.

sirmalloc's Mound

It's a mound. It's covered in snow. Trust me, you don't want to know more. [1]

A non-time-travelling hot tub

A staple in any Admin area, the hot tub is a central gathering place for all Admins. Most, if not all, administrative decisions are proposed, discussed, forgotten about, remembered, downvoted, and banished to oblivion in these hot tubs. Afterwards, plenty of chlorine must be used for sanitary reasons.

Unlike certain hot tubs, this one never time travels.


Beneath the grassy surface inside the Admin-O-Sphere, there is a complex system of caverns which include: AlLnAtuRaLX's MASSIVE branch mine (Mined out, of course ಠ_ಠ), Lava pool (full of lava), Mod Cellar (with no Mods in it whatsoever, and Observation Room (overlooking all of nothing).

Admin Cabin

The admin cabin was hand-build by BugBBQ using the timber punched from the finest trees in the map. The bricks for the chimney were crafted using only the rarest clay blobs. On the fireplace mantle, a painting of AlLnAtuRaLX was commissioned to be painted by the most inexpensive painter in all of Minecraft. All in all, the total cost of the building totals over 1.3 million Kroner ($5.31 USD).

At night, strange sounds can be heard from the Admin Cabin. Folklore suggests they are the screams from the dead, complaining users buried under the floorboards.


The economy of the Admin-O-Sphere is near non-existent as the only possible item for sale is a half-eaten Danish Pastry (Vienna Bread, as the Danes would say), which no one wants.


The Admin-O-Sphere's only export is bitterness.


The Admin-O-Sphere has a large consumption rate of various imports which include:

  • Bacon. And lots of it!
  • The souls of the banned.
  • Kebabs
  • Squatly - possibly the most exotic import of them all.

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