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Lots of lava
Server PvE
Map revision 8
Coordinates -2500, -150
Started 2012-05-18
Completed N/A
Mayors Verros
Residents eyedontno, CptAwesome123

Anvar was a city built on PvE Revision 8 around an active volcano. All buildings were stone-based in construction.


Anvar began at the start of Rev 8 when Verros broke through the side of the volcano to secure the nether portal inside. Ironically though, the city was initially going to be built on a snow biome but plans changed once the Revision started and the portal was found.

The first structures were based around the portal to make entrance and exit from the nether safer.

Alt text
Anvar Lava tree
Alt text
Base plan for an Anvar monument made by Verros