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Cactus People

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Cactus people 1.jpg

Cactus people are an oppressed race of cactus people who live on the Reddit server.

You can tell a Cactus Person by his cactus body and Jack-o-lantern head. Lately cactus people have been showing up where they aren't wanted.

Feel free to remove cactus people from your land.

Their history is a long and sad tale. Bound into eternal servitude and everlasting brutalisation the Cactus People forever wear a frown.

Prohibited by their very make up to ever be closer then one meter to another of its kind; the Cactus People are forever alone.

Cactus people 2.png

Cactus people are segregated from the general population. Rightly so as close contact is sure to cause pain.

Cactus people 3.png

A typical Cactus person slave wagon.


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