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Caverna thumbnail.png
Caverna's Step Pyramid
Server Creative
Map revision 36 (current)
Warp Caverna
Coordinates overworld, 1930, 197, -2225
Lead Fluffhead555
Contributors AndyJF, THUMBTOE
Started 2022-01-31
Completed 2022-11-24

Caverna is an underground town built within the caves of an ancient temple. It was created by Fluffhead555, with AndyJF and THUMBTOE making a few shops aswell.


The pyramid acts as the primary entrance to the build. It has a storage area, dining room, throne room, and multiple large halls. A staircase leads to the caverns.


The caverns are mostly abandoned and untouched. There is an old jail underneath the staircase, and multiple mossy statues.

Caverna Town

The town of Caverna itself. It has a bakery, clothing/dried goods shop, a deli, a workshop, apartments/cottages, a theater, a town hall, and a small jail & armoury. A ladder along the side can transport the player between its levels. The bottom level leads to Marketland.


Marketland is a bustling place with many shops. It has over 150 players in it. There are two layers of shops, and it additionally has a roller coaster and a library. The CTA store has the rollercoaster, along with a station for the Stone line. Continuing through Marketland going east will lead to the Temple.


The temple is the last area of Caverna. It is in a similar style to the pyramid, and has a long road that leads to the mouth of its entrance.