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Clock Tower

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The Great Clock Tower
2011-02-13 11.07.06.png
It is Tall
Server Creative
Map revision 11
Coordinates 937, 1130
Lead Verros
Contributors DJZG, Grum94
Started 2011-01-23
Completed 2011-01-30

This Clock Tower is exactly 97 blocks high and always is set for 9:00

the foundation of the building is 33x33 and as a result, the building needed to be dug 33 levels deeper

There was another plan to build a town around the tower, but it never took off.


The Interior consists of 5 floors.

The first floor is a very open space with 4 chandeliers for dim lighting.

2011-02-13 11.18.13.png

The Second floor is tighter on space and has much more lighting than the first.

2011-02-13 11.18.46.png

The Third floor is just the floor that was used to build the clock. A large bell was added to the room so it would not be entirely empty

2011-02-13 11.20.01.png

The Fourth and Fifth floors are the Observation floor and Roof. Much of the area outside the tower can be seen from the Fourth floor.

2011-02-13 11.21.05.png2011-02-13 11.24.59.png2011-02-13 11.23.52.png2011-02-13 11.54.34.png

There is also a mage outside the tower, also made by Verros

2011-02-12 21.41.50.png

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