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Deadmau5 head

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Deadmau5 head
Deadmau5 head.png
Server Creative
Map revision 10
Warp deadmau5
Coordinates 264, 714
Lead TaviRider
Contributors MBoffin, fazaden, CousinMosquito

This is a recreation of the iconic mask worn by electronic musician Joel Zimmerman, A.K.A. Deadmau5. The design is based upon a diamond sphere, circular ears, and a 45° wedge of lightstone for the mouth. The eyes and various other tweaks were constructed manually.

Destruction and Reconstruction

Soon after its completion, fazaden and CousinMosquito suggested it might look better with netherrack instead of diamond, as Deadmau5's mask is sometimes red. With TaviRider's permission, fazaden used creplace to make the change. He then changed it to glass, gold, obsidian, mossy cobblestone, and finally ice. This final transformation was disastrous. The ice began to melt because of its proximity to lightstone, and the structure started falling apart. A hurried attempt to undo the damage somehow turned much of the structure into stone pressure plates, most which fell to the ground. Further attempts to fix the structure left a partial shell that had shifted out of place, and the entire project was declared a total loss.

After many apologies, the site was cleared, and fazaden, TaviRider, MBoffin and CousinMosquito rebuilt it. This second version looks nearly identical, and also has a double spiral staircase leading to the top of the head, and flaming "mau5brain" exactly in the center.


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