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FISA logo
The official logo of FISA.

FISA (Fédération Internationale de Spleef Association, English: International Federation of Association Spleef) is the semi-official spleef league of the Reddit Public PvE server. It was founded during PvE revision 6 by Chow_D, Socarch26, leafstorm, and others.

The official subreddit is /r/mcfisaspleef.


Teams and Stadiums

The team and stadium listings are split up by revision.


Rule Number One: Have fun and don't be a jerk.

Rule Number Two: The referees are there to make decisions. Their decisions are final. Disagreements are expected, but do not be rude or profane towards the referee.


The Field of Play

  • The field surface can be made out of any block that is able to be fast-broken (Leaves, Wool, Snow). The surface should be all made of one type of block, though variations like different types of leaves or different colors of wool are OK.
  • The field must be only one layer.
  • The field's surface must be unprotected so that players may remove and replace blocks as needed during the course of match play.
  • The stadium staff must provide all players with tools capable of consistently breaking the field blocks in 0.2 seconds or less (The players must return said tools to the stadium staff after the match.), and sufficient material for the field to be restored after each match.
  • Players are expected to restore the field in a timely fashion.
  • The field must be clear of obstructions for 3 blocks above the surface.
  • Any block obstructions intended to affect the field of play must be at least 3 blocks high to prevent players from using them to avoid being spleefed.
  • The stadium must have a referee box that can be locked during games.
  • The ref box must have clear vision of the majority of the playing field, if not all.
  • The referee must be able to control player access to the field before and during match games.
  • The field must be of a minimum size for certain amounts of player. Ovals and Non-even rectangles will be certified based on the length of the narrowest length.
  • any field shape is allowed, provided that it has at least one axis of symmetry with the player boxes located at opposite sides of the arena.
# of Players Square Round
2v2 15x15 21x21
3v3 27x27 27x27
4v4 35x35 35x35
5v5 41x41 41x41
  • Fields which cause damage upon falling will not be sanctioned without special permission by FISA executives.

The Referee

  • Each FISA-sanctioned match requires a referee to start and stop games, call the winner of games and matches, and make decisions about the rules.
  • The referee must be on the FISA-approved referee's list, and must not be a primary resident or player for either team.

Matches and Teams

  • A match is made up of multiple games. FISA-sanctioned matches are played in a "best out of 9" format.
  • Both teams must field the same number of players in each game of a match. The minimum number of players for a FISA season match is 2 per team.
  • Teams may substitute players between games.
  • All members of a team must wear uniforms, skins with matching colors, matching pieces of armor, or otherwise have skins that allow referees to tell at a glance which players are on which team.
  • FISA-sanctioned special events may alter the scoring format and number of players specifically for the event.


  • Before each game, the referee shall ask each team if they are ready. Each team shall make their status clearly known. Once both teams declare they are ready, the referee will begin the game.
  • Each game will begin with the referee counting down from 3. At "Go" or "Spleef", the referee will open the gates and play will begin.
  • If a player leaves the field by any means (falling through the surface, exiting the field, logging out or warping, etc.), it counts as a "drop." When only one team has players remaining on the spleef surface, and those players have stopped moving, the referee calls the game as a win for the appropriate team. If all players drop before one team's player or players cease moving, the game is declared a draw.
  • If both teams' players cease attempting to drop each other, or remaining players have no ability to reach or drop each other, the referee will call the game a draw.
  • If a team's player or players intentionally remove blocks to prevent their opponent or opponents from reaching them, this is considered "stonewalling". The offending player counts as "dropped".
  • The referee may call "stop" or "false start" for reasons including items or spectators entering the field, server or player lag, unexpected player disconnecting prior to the start of a game (not during play), or a restart. All players should cease moving and breaking blocks immediately. If a player drops after play stops, the referee may give him or her a chance to return to the field if play resumes. The referee will then have the field restored if necessary and restart the game. (This has been amended significantly from the previous rule about resuming - in practice, the only time a ref had to stop a match prematurely it has been more equitable and efficient to restart the game.)

Illegal Actions

If anyone (player or spectator) does the following, the referee should stop play. It is then his or her decision to restart the game, call the game a draw, or call the game or match a forfeiture on the part of the offender's team, as well as whether to eject the offender from the stadium.

  • Non-players or dropped players entering the field.
  • Breaking any blocks except the play surface.
  • Placing blocks on the field.
  • Non-players or dropped players breaking blocks.
  • Intentionally attacking a player.
  • Flying by any means. (However, Official Redstone-based Quad-thruster jetpacks are allowed)
  • Throwing or spilling things on the field.
  • Releasing mobs or other entities onto the field. (THIS MEANS YOU, NOSIRROM!)
  • Using potions or other performance-enhancing or performance-reducing substances while playing.
  • Using tools not approved by the league to break the surface. For example, if the field were made of leaves, this rule would include anything other than shears.
  • Using tools that are enchanted to have an advantage over others.
  • Intentionally cutting oneself from the rest of the game.
  • In general, doing anything that gives one an unfair advantage, damages the stadium, or is offensive.


Establishing Teams for the League

In the course of a PvE rev, once cities have become established and a transportation network is in place, FISA executives will call for teams wishing to participate in the FISA rev season. An executive will inspect the stadium to ensure that the stadium's field meets all criteria. The executive will also issue a rating for the stadium establishing a maximum number of players each side can field during a sanctioned match, based on the size of the field (see above). The rating will be posted at the entrance of the stadium and inside the referee box.

League Teams

  • Each team will designate one or more captains who shall have the responsibility to schedule games against opponents in a timely and communicative manner.
  • Players can only play for one team at any given time.
  • Players do not need to be part of a town to join their team.
  • People who join the server following the start of the season are allowed to join or create a team.

Season Scheduling

  • Once the season is established, it will be the responsibility of the team captains to use the FISA subreddit to schedule matches.
  • Captains will post on the FISA subreddit a scheduling thread for each of their matches as soon as possible. The threads should use the tag [Scheduling] in the title.
  • Captains should also post a Match thread on the FISA subreddit as soon as possible once the match has been scheduled. The thread should include [Match] and the relevant time zones for players in the title.
  • Following the end of the match, the referee will post the [Results] thread to the subreddit. This thread should include the score of the match.
  • Captains are reminded to account for time differences when scheduling, and to communicate with all their players about available times.
  • If a manger persists in engaging in uncooperative behavior towards other teams or the FISA executives, the FISA executives reserve the right to either 1: Remove that captain and ask the team to nominate a replacement captain or 2: Disband the team. These measures are not to be taken lightly, and will only be levied as a last resort.


FISA executives will determine the playoff structure at the beginning of the season, dependent upon the number of teams and divisions participating. Should those numbers significantly alter during the season, the executives will change the playoff structure and attempt to retain as equitable a structure as possible for all participants.

  • The default and standard season playoff takes the top four teams,with the #1 seed playing the #2 seed while the #3 and #4 seeds play each-other. The losers of the two semi-finals play for third place while the two winners play for the season title.
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