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Server PvE
Map revision 7
Coordinates ~X: -1350, Z: -1230
Lead Warriorsofpeace, Goofybud16
Contributors Goofybud16
Started 3/6/12

Herpville is a quiet little town. It is next to a Swamp and at the edge of a very dense forest. Herpville is still being Terraformed by Warriorsofpeace.

Herpville's Citizens

  • Warriorsofpeace(Owner, Mayor)
  • Goofybud16(Mayor)
  • Socarch26(Citizen)
  • ShutUpBeavis(Citizen)

Herpville's Buildings

Warriorsofpeace's House/Shop: Warriorsofpeace's shop will trade items, and give out free food. The shop is still under construction.

Herpville Public Farm: The Herpville public farm is currently a temporary farm set up until a structure like BAMF, but 1/4 the size, can be built.

Herpville Public Mine: The public mine is a mine, that is yet to be dug to a point where it is clear where to dig for an average player.

Herpville on Previous Revisions

For Revision 6 See: Herpville Revision 6

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