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Aww yeah. (Pic or gtfo coming soon!)
Authority CTA Board Member, Tech Admin
Favorite server Creative
Joined Januaryish, 2011

LadyCailin has been around on MC Public since around January 2011. She is a Board Member of the CTA and plays on Creative mostly, but when Creative is down, or otherwise not working, she can be found killing people on Survival. She is currently working on the CommandHelper plugin that sk89q created (the maker of WorldEdit and WorldGuard) to add more powerful commands, and macros. She enjoys Java, PHP, long walks on the beach, and Minecraft.


LadyCailin's first creation ever was the Red Power Ranger on Creative Revision 11. After that, she helped some more with Bigtown, then co-founded the CTA. During revision 12, she continued to help with the CTA, and also worked on the CTA clan's bases on Survival.

Out of Game Achievements

Outside the game, LadyCailin is an accomplished programmer, and is the author of CommandHelper plugin for bukkit. LadyCailin is also secretly a member of the Knights Templar and maintains a healthy distance from Skuld, whom is said to be member of the British Illuminati.

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