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M.O.T.I.O.N. Rapid Transit

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Kakarikostation 2011-01-10 01.22.png
KAKARIKO station, as of January 10, 2011
Server Creative
Map revision 10
Coordinates 729, 24, 395-789
Lead androids
Contributors Firefly300
Started 2011-01-06

What started with a simple experiment with minecarts eventually turned into a big rapid transit system. The name M.O.T.I.O.N. stands for "M.O.T.I.O.N. is not an acronym", and it's not an acronym. The metro line and stations were almost single-handedly built by androids, although Firefly300 helped, especially with digging, and Noxbene provided some advice on minecart boosting.

There is currently only one metro line with two stations on an east-west axis (Z-axis), but it's continuously expanding. The tunnel is 400 blocks long, and counting. The two stations are U-BASE station and KAKARIKO station.


Propulsion system

Obsolete rails layout
Old layout of the tracks (obsolete as of January 10, 2011)

When completed, the Rapid Transit will have two propulsion systems: minecart control blocks and minecart boosters. Control blocks are a more efficient and unobtrusive way of propelling minecarts. However, since CraftBook is continually being toggled on and off by the admins on the server, the rapid transit cannot rely solely on control blocks, or else it would be broken half of the time. Therefore, traditional minecart boosters are a fallback in case CraftBook is turned off.

As of January 10, 2011, the metro line is out-of-order because it is being redesigned in a more compact, efficient and beautiful way.

Metro stations


U-BASE station (coordinates X: 194 Y: 26 Z: 794) is the terminus at the west end of the line. It was the first station to be built. The station is located inside the U BASE underground base, built by Firefly300 and androids.

For more information, see the U BASE article.


KAKARIKO station (coordinates X: 175 Y: 65 Z: 568) is first station east of U-BASE. It was given this name because its entrance is located right next to the construction site of the future Kakariko Graveyard. Also in the vicinity is the Flash Man sprite from Mega Man 2. West of KAKARIKO, the climate is artic, and the land is covered in snow and ice.


The rapid transit system is still under construction, and is quickly expanding west (Z: <=798). New stations are going to be built.

Since it's easy to add stations to this transit system, anyone who has a construction near the tunnel (coordinates X: ~180 Z: <=800) and who would like to have a station nearby should get in touch with androids so he can proceed with building the station.

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