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ModReq is the bot that roams the moderator channel on irc, #redditmc-mods. It accepts the commands described here.



  • .lookup nick - List bans for nick on our servers.
  • .bans nick - List bans for nick on all servers.
  • .unban nick - Unbans nick on the server.
  • .addban nick reason - permission required(addban). Adds a ban to nick for reason.


  • .notes nick - Lists notes for nick on all servers.
  • .pnotes nick - Creates a paste with a list of notes for nick on all servers.
  • .delnote noteid - Deletes note noteid from our servers.
  • .addnote nick note - permission required(addnote). Adds a note to nick with text note.

Other Useful Commands

  • .status - Checks if Minecraft servers are online
  • .id id - Gives a minecraft item's full name for the given id.
  • .name search - List minecraft items and item codes that match search.
  • .tell nick message - Leave message for nick that will be sent to them the next time they are seen active in the channel.

Bot Administration

All commands from this section are admin only.

  • .setmc ircnick nick - Associates ircnick with minecraft nick, so that the minecraft nickname can be used when creating bans or notes.
  • .getperms ircnick - Gets the current permissions for ircnick.
  • .setperm ircnick perm value - Sets the permission perm on ircnick to value.
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