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New mods: Talk to an admin on Mumble or IRC for an in-depth tutorial on protecting areas and rolling back griefing. (among other things).

Remember that this is just a guideline, and you will often have to make your own judgments - so please be responsible. Remember that you have been given these powers because we trust you. If we catch you misusing any of them, we will have to strip you of your powers, and it is unlikely you will be considered in the future for becoming a mod or admin again.


Useful Plugins

WorldGuard: Building Protection

Mods have the power to protect users’ creations. To protect something, you have to imagine a box surrounding the entire structure. You select a corner, and the opposite corner (e.g. top left back and bottom right front) by left- and right-clicking with a wooden shovel (left click for first corner, right for second). It is often good to have the protectee place blocks at each of these corners to reduce miscommunication. The chat box should say something along the lines of "First point selected; Second point selected" in purple text when you select the points. Then, type:

/region define name_of_area name_of_owner

To add someone else (to a protected area, type:

/region addmember name_of_area username1

To add multiple people at once, type:

/region addmember name_of_area username1 username2 username3 ...

Here is the full guide to protecting areas.

Warning: The wooden shovel can be a very powerful tool, as it allows you to select millions of blocks if you aren't careful. After you select the second point of an area, a number will pop up in parenthesis that shows the number of blocks in the selected area. For the majority of builds, this will be well under 100,000. Anything over one million blocks is too big; you likely had one corner left over from a previous protection. A quick way to reset a selection is to left click and right click on the same block.

Note: Installing the WorldEdit CUI client mod is very much recommended. It allows you to easily see exactly what you have selected, making it a lot easier to select the correct area to work with (helps prevents the all too common mistake of unknowingly selecting huge areas of the map).

Reminder: This feature is NOT on the survival server;; this is because people will need to break into building sometimes to PvP.

WorldEdit Commands

/removenear [item id] [radius] will remove blocks in a certain radius. Is not to be used except for purely mod reasons, like editing spawn. This is good to take care of spammed blocks; just check the area to make sure you aren't removing buildings!

/fixwater [radius] will turn flowing water into source blocks and level the height. - Good for quick infinite sources, instead of having to /i water/lava and place.

/fixlava [radius] is the same as /fixwater.

LogBlock Commands

/lbrb-r (player name in full) (radius of blocks to be rolled back)

/lbrb (player name in full) - Shortcut to a ten day, ten thousand block rollback - Useful for X-ray rollback.

/trace (player name in full) - Shows a user's edits, and runs a lookup on the player; kind of like a /lb player (name)

/trace-r (player name in full) (radius) - Shows a players edits in the radius provided, and runs a lookup on the player; kind of like a /lb player (name) area (radius)

Mods: Remember to always /trace-r (player x) (radius x) before you do a lbrb-r rollback; this will ensure you are not rolling back anyone's chests - even if you undo a rollback, chests will be empty; this is stressful for an admin to refund, because we don't know if the player is lying or not.

More advanced uses of Logblock exist, and can be very useful in some settings. In some cases, /lbrb will not fully roll back some edits, and you may need to redo the edits of the player who got griefed.

/lb redo player (player name in full) - This will redo all edits of the player specified. It is better to limit this command further with area/block/etc commands.

Some available limits of logblock are: - Time # - Used to specify how far back in Logblock logs to go (Defaults to minutes, but can be specified to hours, days, etc) - Area # - Used to specify the radius for the command to affect - Before # - Goes back to the specified time in Logblock, and affects edits before that point. - After # - Goes back to the specified time in Logblock, and affects edits after that point (Similar to time, but can be used with before to limit a specific time frame) - Sel - Only executes the Logblock command on the region selected by World Edit - Sum players - Gives a list of all players that meet the requirements of the rest of the command - Destroyed - Filters Logblock results by destructive edits (Useful with sum players and time to find griefers on C)

Talk to an admin for an in-depth tutorial on rolling back griefing.

An example;

You /check, there is a griefing modreq. You /tp-id 1 (I.D. of modreq) and get /kit mod, you also /claim 1 (claim the modreq.). These three commands have been combined into one simple command: /tpc 1 will check it, claim it, and tp you to the spot of the modreq. Then you try and see who built the house, and who did the griefing. You use your stick and see who placed the wood (or whatever block the house is made of.) and you note it in your brain. Then, you place coal-ore on the missing spaces of the house that were modreq'd. You find out this:

1. Luke made the wood

2. Lude griefed the wood. <--- You need to rollback the griefer

So, now you stand there and /trace-r lude 10; this shows where and how much wood he destroyed. You see he destroyed about 47 blocks of wood; so you decide to /trace lude to see if he had any placing block edits and any other bans/notes. He had other placing block edits; so you don't call him a 'griefer griefer' :P. Now, you stand near the place you did the /trace-r and you /lbrb-r lude 15 (increasing the radius so you rollback everything.) Now, you decide to keep him on the server, and '/addnote lude minor griefing; next is ban' and '/mail send lude Please don't grief others houses and look at! Thanks.'

The house is rolled back, and you '/done 1 Griefing rolled back'

Now, you go back to do other rollbacks/modreqs; it's a good idea to stay with the smaller req's when you first start; mainly doing logblock ones to remember the commands more.

So; the process in a simple order:

1. /check

2. /tpc <ID>

3. /kit mod

4. Place coal ore in missing blocks and click sticks on replaced blocks to get logs for areas.

5. /trace-r <griefer> <10-30, depends on size of grief>

6. /trace <griefer>

7. /lookup <griefer> (see his record; notes and bans)

8. /lbrb-r <griefer> <amount in /trace-r> (stand in the spot about you trace-r'd

9. redo the steps if the grief isn't fully fixed.

10. /done <ID> <Short message explaining what you did>

ModReq Plugin

With this plugin, the player base can ask for mods help, even when no mods are online. When mods are using this plugin, it is more involved. When someone fills a request (whether you are in ModMode or not; on s and p of course) you will get a chat line pop up; 'A new request has been filled; type /check for more.'

Most likely being used commands for mods;

/modreq <request>: Make a request

/check: Check request queue

/tp-id <#>: Teleport to a request

/claim <#>: Claim a request

/unclaim <#>: Remove your claim from a request; lets other people teleport, finish, and claim the request.

/done <#> <message>: Mark a request as completed

/reopen <#>: Reopen a closed request

/elevate <#>: Set flag for admin on a request

/check <#>: Check a targeted request

/tpc <#>: Claims, checks, and teleports you to a request.

Example below;

You see a 'New request filled; type /check for more'. You go into modmode (/modmode) and type /check. You notice a water flow request, it is I.D. 742. So, you either type /claim 742, /tp-id 742, and /check 742; or you type /tcp 742 and it does all three commands at once. Now, you get to the water blocks needed to be flowed, so you type /i water and place the water at the non-flowing water blocks, and you're done. Now, you '/done 742 Flowing' to close the req, then you repeat the process, the only variable being whether you /elevate 742 to an adminreq. You should elevate things like; land disputes, chest refunds, LWC abuse, harassment, PvP logging, LARGE scale griefing, and hacking, etc. If the modreq said something along the lines of "Please check logs of <player>, he has been harassing people." You should '/mail send <player that made the modreq> Please explain what he said, if it seems major I'll /elevate to an admin req, please make another modreq saying what he said and i will take care of it.'

Continue to do these modreq's.

I would consider new mods to do each command by hand, not doing /tcp or doing any modreq's needed to be elevated it ~ Keep it simple :P

Dealing with Griefers and Rule Breakers

Issuing Warnings and the Server Rules: We have several rules in place to ensure that there is a friendly and welcoming environment for all players on the server. If you see anyone breaking any of the rules, confront them through the in-game chat. They may not notice the message you send, so if you want, use the "⁄msg [username] [message]" command, as this makes incoming messages much more obvious. If they still do not respond, you have to make the decision to either ⁄kick them or ⁄ban them. Please /lookup <player> before you ban; can see if they have any other global bans or notes of 'Griefing' of any kind

Griefing of any kind will not be tolerated on the server. If you see anyone destroying any work which does not belong to them, confront them straight away. Ask them what they are doing and why they are doing it. There may be cases where they are destroying things for other people. If you are unsure if they have permission or not, tell them to stop and ask the owner to place a sign⁄let staff know that the user is allowed to destroy that building. Only then, can they continue to destroy that building.

Placing any of the banned blocks is prohibited. No one, other than staff should be able to spawn and place banned items. You will get a grey message in chat when someone acquires and⁄or places banned items. You can use the ⁄vanish command to become invisible and ⁄tp to them to see what they are up to. Most of the time, its people using buckets to try and place water or something. Remind them that they cannot use these items, and if they need these items to ask staff in the future. If people continue to (attempt to) place banned blocks after you have warned them you can ⁄ban them. If you see people actually placing these blocks (and they don’t disappear)they are using an inventory editor and⁄or a hacked client. This is strictly against the rules, and you should issue a ⁄ban straight away. If you see people flying, instead of banning them straight away, issue a warning, telling them to stop using a hacked client. If they don’t oblige, ⁄ban them. Remember to add a note to people who are hacking that you warned; i.e. /addnote <player name> Flying; warned. Next time is ban. Racism and any other abuse toward any specific user will result in a instant ban. This includes both chat and through signs. Obviously you will have to decide whether it is a harmless joke, or actual abuse, but its normally pretty easy to distinguish between the two. It is a good idea when banning to /addnote <player> <reason; in this case "banned for racism" so mods can tell if the user has been harassing before.

Players should respect and obey what staff ask of them. If a player blatantly disregards what you are telling them, ⁄kick them with a warning. At the same time, remember that you are not above the rules - you should not berate other players. ⁄kick & ⁄ban

Mods have the power to ⁄kick players and ⁄ban players who are breaking rules. Obviously, you must decide whether the offense warrants a warning (⁄kick) or a ⁄ban. These guidelines should help you make a decision. If you kick for a reason, i.e. griefing always '/addnote <player> minor grief on <server; s, p, or c>' Adding notes helps mods decide to ban or kick!

Firstly, remember to give a message when you ⁄kick someone. They will see the message when they are kicked, and so it serves as a great way to get the message across that they are doing something wrong. To do this, type:

"⁄kick [player_name] [reason_for_kick]"

When someone is banned using the ⁄ban command, we log who issued the ban, and what reason was used for the ban. You should always state a reason why you ⁄ban someone. Do this by:

"⁄ban [player_name] [reason_for_ban]"

Also, you can also let them know they can appeal their ban at [1] in the reason, this is most likely automatic now; edit this if I am wrong.

Warning: To avoid confusion, please use the person's exact name when banning someone. (i.e. AlLnAtuRalX is better than allnaturalx) If problems happen, simply /unban the person and re-ban them using the correct case. Please remember to not TAB Auto-Complete the persons name; as this has caused some problems in the past... Just please manually type it out.

Also, remember to not abuse banning/kicking powers; when you kick or ban someone, it broadcasts a message to all staff saying that person was banned/kicked and the reason; i.e. if you ban Pilot; this will show up. Pilot was banned by <you> Reason: Hi; banning someone for 'Hi' is a automatic no-go and you will be de-modded whether you were joking or not.

If you see anyone using a hacked client (flying etc) you should ban them straight away with a message telling them to stop using it. And, '/addnote <player> Hacking: <hack used>'

On S and P, "/cb [playername]" replaces banned items with their component parts, so they don't keep trying to use it, but they do not lose their materials.

Dealing With Xray

When getting a ModReq about 'possible xray' or something of that nature; get an admin, and /elevate it. Then type '/mb I have a x-ray modreq, anyone wanna check it out?' When you go check the xray accusation... talk to an admin on mumble in 'Admin and Mod discussions' so people can't come in your channel... the admins will verify the tunnels are/aren't xray and then you may proceed to ban. When you ban... remember to '/addnote <xrayer> Banned for xray on x/x/2012, <1st? 2nd? 3rd? 4th?> time banned for xray, <Number of, if any> xray notes'

Server-specific Roles


  • Admin stuff; warps, worldedit, etc.:

Only set warps to significant structures - we don’t want to fill the list of warps with peoples small houses and stuff. It should be reserved for unique creations or very impressive builds. Also, make sure you don’t set warps to areas which already have warps close by.

To set a warp, stand and face the direction of where the warp should be, and type:

"⁄setwarp [warp_name]"

Admins can use more powerful worldEdit commands for operations such as replacing blocks, copy/pasting, and deleting areas. Admins are not to dig large areas out for anyone - all digging must be done by hand. They can only edit areas that users have already manipulated. Also, try and not to create huge areas of lava or water, as this will stress the server too much.

Banned Blocks: All staff members can spawn banned items. Staff can place banned items for users if they have a legitimate reason for them. Once again, try and not place too many water or lava blocks (especially water⁄lava falls) for the sake of the server’s performance.

If a user repeatedly tries to place banned items, use /ci username to wipe their inventory. /cb works as well, but only clears the banned items. (Actually, it turns the banned items into dirt at this time.)

  • Day/Night Cycles: /time

Users on creative typically ask for daylight as soon as night begins to fall. Type /time day to make it daytime once again.

Some users will occasionally request night-time to view their creations in a different light. /time night will accomplish this.

Do NOT use this command on Survival or PvE.

PvE and PvP

Server Rules:

Along with the standard "no harassment through chat or signs" rules there are some others:

If you see someone spawning loads of items, have doubts about how they got a lot of items, or see them in possession of unobtainable items, you should confront them, and if not convinced, ban them. Also, let an admin know straight away, as we can look through their inventory for other items, which could help see if they are lying or not.

We have a no griefing policy on these servers too. On the PvP server, minor edits can be made to enter bases for PvP purposes, but must be repaired by the player, or it falls under the scope of griefing. On PvE, players are not allowed to destroy or modify anyone else’s property in any way. If you see anyone doing this, confront them, and ban them if they carry on after a warning. If you ban them; please, please, please rollback the griefing while you are there by simply /lbrb-r'ing them. If they only had destroying edits; ask and admin if you can /lbrb them; otherwise a global rollback on Survival.

Try to tone down griefing rollbacks; such as minor griefs. Minor grief on survival is the same on all servers... you get noted the first time, and maybe banned the second. Using commands like /lbrb should be used for xray rollbacks, and large-scale griefs. You should try and pick reasonable numbers with /trace-r before doing a rollback. So trace-r the person, if it looks like a fair amount of grief, '/lbrb-r <player griefing> <and a radius; maybe 10-30 blocks>' After rolling back, if the user is new and doesn't have any notes, don't ban unless it's major griefing. Just '/addnote <griefer> minor griefing on s; please watch!'

On PvP, in the immediate region around spawn, players are not allowed to harm or kill anyone in this area. If you see anyone trying to do any of these, issue a warning, and if they persist, ban them. This includes, but is not limited to: lava dumping, cactus trapping and sand⁄gravel dropping. Players are also not permitted to destroy any buildings in this area. Outside of spawn, almost anything goes here, though players are not allowed to destroy other peoples buildings.

Killing players on PvE is strictly against the rules and will result in a ban. Weapons and fists do not work to damage other players due to plugins, but there are ways to cause damage that isn't blocked. PvP arenas can be enabled by admins, and deaths can happen there, so do not ban just off of a death message in chat.

Once again, stealing from locked chests is not allowed (circumventing lwc) and should result in a ban.

Stealing from unlocked chests, though, is fine on the PvP server, but is still against the rules on PvE. Please do not ban/note for theft of unlocked chests on PvP, but without proof (staff witness and/or screen shot of action), we can not punish theft on PvE!

WorldGuard regions can be created on PvE only, and we urge that staff use common sense when approving protection sizes; remember that protection is for either safeguarding builds or for defining a city's area. In any case do not protect open land. To be protected, cities have to have infrastructure placed (roads, lots of terraforming, some large measure of effort put into it - not just a cobble wall around it

Only owners of a region can request to add people to that region - always check this. If someone not the owner requests, tell them to ask the owner to make the request

  • Modmode

When on PvE or PvP, moderators need to enter a special state to have access to their additional powers. To do this, type:


To get out of ModMode; simply type again;


When entering modmode, your inventory and position will be saved for you to resume where you left off when exiting modmode. You will be unable to drop items so try to avoid picking them up.
While in modmode, you have access to various additional commands.

To enter godmode (invulnerability):


To spawn items:

"/i [item]"

Note: This should only be used to spawn lava or water for a mod request

Remember... only flow water when there are per-placed water blocks there... you can't give out free water/lava no more!

To get mod tools:

"/kit mod"

"/kit compass"

To teleport to players/places:

"/tp [player name]"

"/tphere [playername]" Note: only to be used to move players to and from jail

"/warp [warpname]"



"/vanish and /unvanish"

Neither admins, nor mods, should abuse any of their powers. This includes doing none of the following unless for moderation purposes:

  • No using ⁄tp to get around to places quickly because you don’t feel like walking.
  • No tp’ing other players to anywhere.
  • No killing someone in ⁄god mode or ⁄vanish mode.

User's can make banned items; such as TNT, you do not give these items to them, nor should you give them anything, while in modmode!

Other Helpful Commands

/up [height] - This command sends you a specified number blocks above the ground, and places a glass block at your feet. This is very handy for protecting oddly-shaped regions.

/claim [modreq ID number] - claims a modreq, so only you or admins [tech, server, head] can /done or /tp-id your claimed modreq.

/broadcast [message]- This should only be used to inform the userbase of something important. Do not use it to communicate with specific users, or for jokes or anything else. 99% of the time, you will not need to use this feature.

/tp player_name - teleport yourself to a player

/tphere player_name - teleports a player to you

/tptoggle - disable the ability for players to teleport to you

/vanish - makes you invisible - Type /unvanish to become visible again; when exiting modmode on s & p, you will automatically return to un-vanished. Mods, remember to /unvanish and /vanish AGAIN, to make sure you are completely visible, I've seen some mods meaning to be visible, and they aren't.

/god - makes you invincible (ModMode Only in Survival & PvE)

/region define name_of_protection username - creates a protected area (This may not have the proper flags)

/cregion name_of_protection username - (Creates the region with the proper flags [use this!])

/region - lists available WorldGuard commands you can use

/addflags name_of_protection - This is used on creative and pve to set up the default flags for a region

/mb - Shows a broadcast message to all mods

/kit mod - Spawns mod tools, which vary on each server.

/lookup player - See if a player has bans or notes from other MCBouncer servers.

/addnote username note - Adds a note viewable by other mods via /lookup

/delnote note ID - Deletes a note (Note ID found by typing /lookup [player name]

No compass? /jump and /thru works too.

/modmode - main mod 'tool' on s & p. This gives you access to your extra commands as mod; logblock, fix water&lava, vanish and unvanish, teleporting commands, /i, and /god, etc. Caught abusing the powers of mod will result in a ban & de-mod, you will also be noted on mcbouncer, and it is unlikely you will become mod/admin again.

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