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This page is to help you with the /modreq command.

This command sends a message, along with your nickname and coordinates, to all the moderators. Moderators can teleport directly to your request. General format of a moderator request : /modreq [message]. In order to have your modreq properly done in the fastest delay possible, you should word your modreq clearly. Here are some examples to help you.


Reporting griefing

Make sure you are at the location of the griefing.

/modreq Griefing here
/modreq Griefed statue

Banned items

If you need water/lava to be made flowing (instead of simply a source block), make a /modreq. Please note that moderators don’t place tnt/portals/spawners. Make sure you specify where the water/lava you would like to be made flowing is, in the modreq message, or on signs.

/modreq Water for my fountain


Protections are areas that allow or deny specific people to build inside it. Protections are only used on Creative and PvE. You can right click with a wooden sword to see which protection is affecting the area you’re in.

First, you need to mark the 2 opposite corners of the area you need protected with purple wool, or any block that stands out. Make it clear, if you need to make a little tower, don’t hesitate. You can destroy it after the protection is set.

/modreq Protection of my mansion, corners marked with purple wool

If you need something specific with your protection, like having someone else added to it, be sure to include the nickname of the other user(s) in your modreq message.

/modreq Protection for me and fakename123, corners marked with purple wool

You can ask for users to be added to your protection via /modreq too. Right click with a wooden sword to check the name of your protection, then type

/modreq Add fakename123 and realname789 to region myname_train_station

Moderators can also modify your region, if you need it expanded, place some new markers.

/modreq Expand myname_train_station 20 blocks west, marked with purple wool

Reporting users

If a user is griefing, is hacking or trolling, report them via /modreq

/modreq troll99 is griefing

You can also report grief through modreq (even without a user's name - as it will be brought up through log block) by standing near suspected grief and doing:

/modreq suspected griefing

Other uses

  • Asking to be unmuted
  • Reporting an area that you think deserves a /warp

Do not use /modreq for

  • Chatting with moderators
  • Asking to be a moderator
  • Asking for mods to be installed on the server
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