New Douglass

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New Douglass
Server PvE
Map revision 8
Coordinates -1400, 160
Lead JackInYourBox
Contributors BlargalShark, Amalgamation, UnableHammar
Started 2012-05-23

New Douglass Information

New Douglass is a throwback to the PvE Revision 4 town Douglass created by JackInYourBox, BlargalShark, and UnableHammar. The user Amalgamation came on board for the Revision 8 Douglass Crew. These four gentlemen are the collaborative mayors, or "Douglords" of the city of New Douglass.

Map Location
Map location.

The city sits of the west bank of a large lake in the middle of the forest biome West of Spawn; in the middle of which is an island belonging to user JPOOPOO. The lake is referred to as the "Douglake" by the Douglords of Douglass, but that is not it's official name (if it even has one).

Notable Features and Landmarks

New Douglass
An aerial view of New Douglass at night.

New Douglass is perhaps most recognizable by the two towering trees that mark the city's front gate. These trees were naturally generated by the Phoenix Terrain Mod of Revision 4, and were recreated by hand by JackInYourBox for this revision.

The other major recognizable features are the Checkered Cliffs of Douglass. Each terrace that makes up a district or segment of the city is checked with Oak and Birch planks, framed by Smooth Stone and terraced grass blocks. The city is also known for its implementation of trimmed trees which dot the terraced landscape.

Building Rules

Most building materials are permitted in New Douglass, with the exception of netherrack. Cobblestone is allowed but it is suggested that it be used for details only, rather than as a primary material. All residents are encouraged to take full advantage of the modern architecture theme; implementing generous fenestration (use of glass). Use of water features is also encouraged.

Current State of Development

Most material farms and mines have been implemented, and the Douglords are currently working on terracing a residential district in anticipation of opening the city up to residents.