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New New Ohio

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New New Ohio

/warp NewNewOhio. *photos taken with Continuum 2.0.4*
Server Creative
Map revision 35
Warp NewNewOhio
Coordinates overworld, -862, 78, -2749
Lead Kapouille
Contributors AndyJF, Fluffhead555, Eishaar and ironcrafter54
Started somewhere around feb 2021
Completed 30-04-2021

ok so the city's name came from a joke from an RTGame stream where they built a city in Minecraft and called it new ohio. that's it. that's the backstory

Bird's eye view.png Isometric.png

This is a bird's eye view of the city. the two blue glass buildings next to the train station are Kapouille's contribution. Mostly everything else except the pyramid next it the skate park is AndyJF's contribution save for 1 building in the top middle, made by ironcrafter54. This was originally planned to be made mostly solo (with the help of an irl friend who goes by nowplayingmc (his username) but he's not been able to get on for some time.) but then I realised it would be too much for myself, so I enlisted the help of newer players as well as AndyJF, fluffhead555 and Eishaar to help. it took just over 2 months to complete, most of them being spent on the first building and its interior. this started was shortly after I completed my helicopter build that I did with nowplayimgmc on my first and second week


The First Building

First building.pngjust a simple start to an overall quite dense city.

this is my first project, and outside it is quite simple, far less detailed than many of the other buildings. note a bit of my second building alongside it. apart from the pyramid (we'll get there) it's my only major contribution. Major contributors to the building include Kapouille, Fluffhead555 and Skinfishjava.

Lobby.png sorry all apartments are taken

This is the first thing you see when you enter. in the middle there is a four by four double chest deep storage system, and to the left you can see the accountants in the entrance. In the far right there is a link to an underground subway system.

Kapouille's escape bar and lounge

Bar.pngLounge.pngNice view.png

come on in for underwhelming but good priced drinks. - These are captures of the Bar and the Lounge made by Kapouille.

Living quarters:kapouille

Kapouille apartment1.pngKapouille apartment2.pngKapouille apartment3.pngKapouille apartment4.png

Kapouille apartment5.pngKapouille's living quarters cozy with open views, this can be yours for just over 2.5 million drachnerds

living quarters: skinfishjava's cove

Skinfishjava apartment1.pngSkinfishjava apartment2.pngSkinfishjava apartment3.pngSkinfishjava apartment4.png Skinfishjava's living quarters - the norway flag seems to be a prevalent theme for this guy's home

Fluffhead555's floor

Fluffhead floor1.pngFluffhead floor2.png

A bit empty but makes for some fantastic views of AndyJf's skyscrapers.

The library


cozy area for people who just want to relax

New New Ohio's tesco's

Tesco1.pngobligatory supermarket sellout

AndyJF Skycraper no.1 (with an inside view,) 2 and 3

Outside view.pngInside1.pngInside2.png

just a small corner store inside the 1st building.

The Leisure centre

Lesiure centre1.pngLesiure centre2.pngLesiure centre3.pngLesiure centre4.png

swimming is our core value, in a desert.

the cinema lobby (or the Great Glass Pyramid)

Celebrity arrival.pnghot damn he's here at our humble city, its that one guy from attack the blockPyramid2.pngwow a vr room, such epic gamer momentPyramid3.pngPyramid4.png2 major contributors.pngFluffhead and Eishaar disputing the price of the water

AndyJf's (totally Imax) cinema

Cinema1.pngCinema2.pngCinema3.pngAbove view.pngstill needs to be confirmed whether the screens actually are Imax

AndyJf's Dam

Dam1.pngDam overhead.png"Sir the lake is overflowing."

"dam it!"

Eishaar's bunker

Bunker1.pngBunker4.pngBunker2.pngView.pngnow you can party whilst the world around you is collapsing

CTA orange line station and backstreets


tickets please


even New New Ohio ain't free from crime, boy.

what New New Ohio looks like after chaos

Chaos1.pngChaos2.png welp, that's it. even eishaar's bunker wasn't safe from nuclear annihilation

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