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Pirate Island

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Pirate Island
Server Creative
Map revision 35
Warp PirateBay
Coordinates -483, 2303
Lead AndyJF

A Pirate Themed Island entirely built by AndyJF


History of Pirate Island

The History of Pirate Island is rich and vibrant. It was originally colonized by the Mu Mu people, who migrated from the snowy mountains to the south in search of a warmer climate. The Mu Mu lived in peace for centuries and the island acted as a trade hub for passing ships.

In 1716 the island was invaded by Dread Pirate Andy who defeated the Mu Mu and claimed the Island as his own personal kingdom. Over time, pirates from all over the world came to settle on the island and swear allegiance to the pirate king.

Dread Pirate Andy ruled with an iron fist, but was known for also being a fair leader. Disputes between pirates were settled with mortal combat in the fighting pits, and everyone got Fridays off. Public executions on a Monday proved particularly popular, and It was generally agreed by the islanders that Andy was a pretty cool, all-round decent fellow. Several attempts were made by the British to seize the island but none were successful.

Today the island has become more of a tourist attraction and a center for trade in luxury goods and foodstuffs.

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