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Aethelstan is primary member of the Bron Yr Aur Claim @ 1100 -1000 and member of the Dragonstone Nether & SE End Portal @ 2275 975 in Rev 29. Also a member of Darkroot, Blackroot and Mount Amethyst. Owner of AethelTrak providing rail service to Darkroot, Zongsoe Portal, Smriks Brew, Bron Yr Aur/Omega Portal, Blackroot, Rose City, Rose Stadium, Ambrosia, and Mount Amethyst. 
Helpful commands  /region list  /hlist  /hgps  /stand preset wave1  /ignore-deaths 
Pokemine stuff legondary 2 unique 4 rare 8 uncommon 16 common 32
Discord Aethelstan#7851