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Authority Former Survival, Tech Admin
Favorite server Survival
Joined Feb 2010
Left Aug 2012
This user is banned from Creative.
This user is banned from Survival.
This user is banned from Chaos.

barneygale is a permabanned former Survival and Tech Admin.


  • Rev 5: after briefly joining creative, barneygale joins survival and the CTA clan.
  • Rev 6/7: attempted to start rail network on survival.
  • Rev 8: made mod. banned nat with weizbox.
  • Rev 9: after playing solo for a long time, barneygale joins Mu Delta.
  • Rev 10: terraforming
  • Rev 11: founded a village with GabeC94, spent most of the time digging 1.5 km tunnel to spawn. Was there to witness survival punt being born! Joined Team Britain
  • Rev 12: founded Shadow City, pvped with the whole brit gang for basically the only time. Allied with USURP for a while.
  • Rev 13: made survival admin. helped build spawn with Luke_gardner (then s admin). also worked on some neat underground roads!
  • Rev 14: made a lot of spawn/map. Joined Wolfpack for about 30 minutes.
  • Rev 15: switched to tech admin. developed the portal/warp thing.
  • Rev 16: did some map work things
  • Rev 17: started Clan Chowder

Other Things

barneygale is a l33t h4xx0r capable of cracking RSA keys at a distance of 20 ft

He was among a number of people to investigate a login server vulnerability, and talked with mojang to help diagnose it.


barneygale is permanently banned for "abuse of powers (unauthorized server access), ban evasion" for accessing server logs after leaving tech staff, and later accessing the server via ssh without permission.

He can be found on IRC in #kitties, or on the servers.