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Deaygo removing a bug from the server
Authority Tech admin
Favorite server Doesn't actually play Minecraft

How Deaygo plays Survival, it is unclear how he crafted the Bearpaw Weapon...

"Dogo is a pretty cool guy, eh bans hackers and doesnt afraid of anything."

Deaygo is a tech admin, this puts him above god in the order of the universe, so be nice to him.

How to find a Deaygo

He can be found idling in IRC most work days, under the pseudonym Deaygo|herpderp (This is because he frequently herps and derps)

He frequents mumble in the evenings, and sometimes partakes in the occasional alcoholic beverage consumption while chatting (not to excess, however Sometimes to excess).

You can also call out his name in game, as Deaygo is known watch the logs like a hawk. His in-game name is usually [Server], but he does have an alt called Deaygo.